Rain On Your Parade – Overview and Opinions

Rain On Your Parade – Overview and Opinions

Rain on Your Parade is the latest offering from Unbound Creations where players will take on the world itself, by becoming the ever-present Cloud that’s ready to ruin everybody’s day. Play across 50 unique levels, unlocking new abilities and mechanics as you go, where you get the chance to rain down mayhem upon an unsuspecting public.

Rain on Your Parade Level look

More About The Team Behind The Game

Known for their award-winning games, Unbound Creations have been creating satirical and cheeky games – such as Headliner: NoviNews –  since 2013. Their creations have been spotted everywhere from museums and classrooms through to gaming conventions, including PAX and GamesCon, all over the world.

Owner, creator and leader of the team, Jakub Kasztalski, has taken a break from the more serious games of the past in order to create a slapstick game that can be loved by all members of the family. Safe to play with kids, while still appealing to more mature audiences, Rain on Your Parade is a game that will appeal to all ages.

Players will have the option to ruin weddings, snow over the main roads (causing car crashes galore), spread acid rain through cites and create tornados that ensnare the local cows. With a fair few nods to classic games as it goes (bonus points to those who spot the Metal Gear Solid references in one level), it’s no wonder that this game is already receiving rave reviews from publishers.

Rain on Your Parade Dinosaurs

For those seeking more direction during gameplay, you can tick things off of your to-do list and enjoy the puzzle aspect of the latest release from Unbound Creations. Not entirely dissimilar to the hit Untitled Goose Game, gamers will enjoy figuring out the best way to cause the most mischief as they travel the world.

Added mechanics such as thunder and lightning can scare the unwitting public out into the open, while an upbeat soundtrack plays in the background to keep players bopping along.

Meanwhile, for those seeking a more relaxed experience, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use your cloud to create unique drawings, customise your cumulus to your own liking and add personal touches to your own preference

Our Opinion

Rain on your Parade promises to be a massive hit, already getting rave reviews from major content creators and keen watchers of the game-space, alike. Whether you’re a point-scorer who seeks to beat their own PB or someone who likes to think their way through conundrums or simply someone who likes to take out their daily frustrations on the unsuspecting public (albeit an AI public), we’re certain that this is a game that will hit the sweet spot.

Rain on Your Parade will be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC from April 12th 2021.



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