Kitsune Tails Game Overview

Kitsune Tails Game Overview

Kitsune Tails is a classic-style platformer, following the story of Yuzu, a young, inexperienced member of the Kitsune (fox people), as she works to serve as a divine messenger for the goddess Inari. Run, jump and dash your way through beautiful landscapes, as Yuzu fights to prove that even a half-human, half-kitsune can master the elements.

The player can don a selection of furry elemental outfits that bestow the wearer with elemental abilities, such as shooting fireballs, running on water, ground pound attacks, and the ability to freeze her enemies. You can even find hidden outfits throughout the game for bonus attacks.

More About the Kitsune Tails Story 

When a mishap occurs during one of Yuzu’s outings, she is left in serious trouble, but fortunately, her friend Akko was around to save the young kitsune from what could have been a terrible fate. As time goes by, a romance kindles between the two young women, but before anything more could happen Akko was taken from Yuzu.

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Yuzu’s childhood mentor and friend had made other plans for the couple and works to keep the two women apart. But with the help of an amulet gifted to Yuzu by her goddess, she is able to claim the power that could save Akko before it is too late. Yuzu, our young Kitsune, must work tirelessly to save Akko before all is lost.

How Kitsune Tails Works

Kitsune Tails is a classic platformer that utilizes simple run, jump and shoot mechanics which provide a straight-to-the-point gaming experience. Thanks to the user-friendly gameplay players are able to focus on enjoying the story of the Japanese Mythology behind the game, the environments within the Kitsune Tails world, and the character development. 

This brightly coloured, super-cute world of furry creatures, superpowers, and mythology is a cleverly designed adventure game hidden behind a simple but effective design. Kitsune Tails contains secrets, bonuses, interesting characters, and added-extras to keep the player engaged.

More About The Studio

Kitsune Tails was developed by Kitsune Games, a game development studio founded by Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen in Missouri. This is a company that has a striking interest in levelling the playing field, so that all gamers – from any background – will be able to play the game they love. With a mission statement of “traditional games made accessible and diverse”, we’re sure this will be a game that can be loved by a wide range of diverse players

Availability and Release Dates

This adventure-packed game will be coming to a varied range of platforms. Keep your eyes peeled, as you’ll find it in the Playstation store for Playstation 4 and 5, as well as being available for play on and Steam.

If you’re eager to beat the crowd, Kitsune Tails is available to be added to your Steam Wishlist now, and will be available to purchase within the first quarter of 2022. 

What We Think 

Kitsune Tails has all the earmarks of a great, classic game, harkening back to simpler gaming times and we think it will be something that triggers a sense of nostalgia for those who play it. The cleverly thought-out story, fun, eye-catching world, and plethora of inventive and mystical characters give us the vibe of fun and interesting gameplay.

Kitsune Tails is likely to be a hit within the furry community, and we highly anticipate this game’s release and look forward to experiencing the gameplay in full.



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