A Quick Guide to The Traveler – Destiny 2

A Quick Guide to The Traveler – Destiny 2

When Bungie first produced Destiny in 2014, the Traveler was a key part of the storyline from the very beginning and a pivotal “character” around which many major events take place, including the creation of the world that players of Destiny have come to love. For beginners playing Destiny for the very first time, the Traveler can seem quite enigmatic and confusing, so we have put together a quick guide that takes you through the origin lore of the Traveler, as well as all of the major events pertaining to the Traveler that have taken place within the game leading to present day.

What is The Traveler?

The Traveler is characterised as being a mysterious spherical paracausal entity, it is 14km in diameter and rests in the sky hanging over the Last City, which was built in the Traveler’s shadow as a form of protection from dark forces. The Traveler is one of an unknown amount of sources of light in the universe and is the origin of Ghosts, and by extension, Guardians – this is the reason newly reborn Guardians are known as “New Lights”.

The Traveler and guardians
Official Bungie Art Work

The Ancient History of The Traveler

The Traveler was responsible for terraforming all of the worlds in the Solar System and triggering the Golden Age of humanity in which humans began to live longer and prospered from the a Traveler’s light. The Traveler was rendered mostly inactive when its ancient sibling (known as the Pyramids, a source of darkness, by the Vanguard) launched a massive and devastating assault on humanity. This cataclysmic attack is remembered as the Collapse, a time in which the human race was almost brought to extinction were it not for the Traveler’s intervention.

The darkness ships, pyramids
Official Bungie Concept Art

The Traveler fought with the Pyramids, also known as the Black Fleet, in a climactic battle that left it gravely injured, forcing it to take rest over the Earth in some form of stasis. Unfortunately, the Black Feet could not be defeated, however, it was driven from Earth and out of the Galaxy. In one final attempt to protect what was left of humanity the Traveler created   Ghosts, which would go in search of those with the bravery and strength to protect the human race, these people would become known as Guardians and would act as defenders of the Solar System whilst humanity worked slowly to revive itself.

The Eliksni – AKA The Fallen

In the history of the Traveler before its arrival in the Solar System it had been seen as a God and idol by the Eliksni. The Traveler brought about their Golden Age, lengthening their lives, and helping them to build into a prosperous race. After many years of prosperity in the shadow of the Traveler the Eliksni were attacked by agents of the Darkness who sought to destroy the Eliksni empire. A war was waged on the Eliksni chasing them from their homeworld.

Official Riis Concept Art

When the battle commenced the Traveler abandoned the Eliksni, leaving them to fend for themselves and resulting in the loss of many lives and their home planet, Riis.

It is thought that the Traveler left the Eliksni in an attempt to lure the Pyramids away from them, but by leaving it condemned the race to near – oblivion.

The Eliksni now seek to return the Traveler to their homeworld and save their people.

After many years of fighting to retrieve the Traveler, the Eliksni have begun to split between those who want the Traveler to return and those that have been drawn in by the temptations of the Darkness, with its promise of salvation and power.

Modern History of The Traveler

The Birth of The City Age

The survivors of the collapse, over hundreds of years, made their way to the resting place of the Traveler and began to build a city beneath it in the glow of its protective aura, this became known as the Last City. With the erection of the Last City came the end of the Dark Age and the beginning of the City Age.

Humanity building its world beneath the Traveler drove enemies to try and claim the City for themselves, and so the human race was forced once again to defend itself. Fortunately, the Traveler had provided them with Guardians (unlike before) that could defend the city, and so the Titans constructed and defended the City walls.

the traveler
Official Bungie Concept Art

The Story So Far

The Traveler Cage

Following the earlier events of Destiny in which the new Guardian is risen by Ghost and has worked tirelessly to defend humanity on all fronts from the Hive and Fallen, the Vanguard is confronted by forces known as the Cabal. The Cabal destroyed the Last City and captured the Traveler in a suppression cage, knocking out all Ghosts and causing all Guardians to lose their lights, except one Ghost who was able to somehow survive the attack and revive his Guardian.

the traveler cage, ghaul
Official Bungie Concept Art

The Guardian fought to defend humanity and the Traveler from the relentless attacks of the Cabal, also known as the Red Legion, lead my Dominus Ghaul. Ghaul had come to believe that the Traveler had mistakenly chosen humanity and that the Cabal was much more deserving of the light, as they would make much stronger Guardians. He had captured the Speaker, the one who communed with and spoke for the Traveler, insisting that he convince the Traveler to abandon humanity and choose the Cabal instead.

When the Speaker admitted that the Traveler had never spoken to him, he was executed, and Ghaul then decided to take the light by force with the use of the cage. Ghaul forcibly infused himself with light against the Traveler’s will, and when he was killed by the Guardian resurrected himself as a giant light form and confronted the Traveler, hoping to prove that he was worthy.

The Traveler responded by awakening, breaking free of its bonds, and sending out a pulse of light that destroyed Ghaul. This act caused massive structural damage to the Traveler, which now sat above the ruined City, having returned to stasis, with large pieces of its shell orbiting it.

damaged traveler
Official Bungie Artwork

The Pulse

In defeating Dominus Ghaul, The Traveler released a pulse of light that was constantly expanding, throughout the Solar System, Out of the Galaxy, and across the Universe, an unending pulse of light. This pulse eventually reached the Pyramids that had been injured and driven away so many centuries ago, awakening it and drawing it back to Earth.

darkness ships
A screenshot of the cut scene showing the darkness awakening

The Healing

Upon its return to Earth the Pyramids stowed away where they would not be found for some time until they were discovered on the moon. Mayhem followed in whilst the Pyramids began to resurrect old enemies in nightmare form and torment people with phantoms of lost friends and loved ones. As evil as its actions seemed, the Darkness promised to be humanity’s salvation, neither friend nor enemy.

In response to the discovery of the Pyramids, the Traveler began to rebuild. In an event that lasted several hours, the Traveler slowly pieced itself back together, preparing itself for the battle that will likely be happening soon.

“The last time this happen, the world ended… I’m not worried. I’m not…” – Ghost

A Screenshot of the Healing Live Event

And Now…

Guardians have now begun to wield Darkness as a form of combat against the Pyramids – fighting fire with fire, as per Eris Morn’s instruction. The Traveler has been without a Speaker since his death during the Red Legion attack and had been unable to contact its guardians on the ground.

The latest addition to the Guardian ranks is an Awoken by the name of Crow, who has recently begun to experience dreams and visions seemingly from the Traveler, and has guided the Guardians through missions to expand their knowledge of the treat ahead. Though he has not been announced as the new Speaker, he shares many key attributes that have always been used to identify Speakers in the past.

As events unfold pertaining to the Traveler, this page will be updated.

In the meantime please feel free to check out our other game related content.



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