Simone Giertz’s Office Chair for Needy Dogs

Simone Giertz’s Office Chair for Needy Dogs

The popular Youtuber Simone Giertz has released a video showcasing her incredibly inventive building ability once again, with her latest creation – the Companion Chair. This is an office chair specifically designed for owners that have a super needy pup that needs to be by their side at all times.

“I built it because I have a very needy dog, that refuses to fall asleep if she’s not next to me.” Giertz says in a short video clip she shared on her Twitter page.

companion office chair
The Chair by Simone Giertz

The Reason Behind this Office Chair Design

Giertz had decided after months of dealing with her new three-legged puppy, Scraps, wanting to climb up into her lap and then get down every few minutes, that she could do with a chair that allows her needy pooch to stay by her side, without impeding her work – enter the Companion Chair.

She had spent a lot of time scouring the internet looking for a chair that could be used both for herself and Scraps in such a way that Scraps could climb up into the chair and get back down as she pleased, without the assistance of her owner. It’s a way of freeing up her own time, whilst giving young Scraps some independence, and helping her to feel more at ease with her environment.

As she was designing this office chair she realised that thanks to her standing desk, she could design a taller chair (roughly bar-stool height), that would have space for a nook underneath for her pup to hide away and relax whilst she worked. And so the design evolved into a comfortable, tall, bench-like seat, with a step up for Giertz to comfortably reach the seat, a small set of steps for Scraps to climb (complete with little draws to utilise the empty space, and a bannister to protect Scraps from falling), and a comfortably sized nook for her adorable pooch to rest.

About Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz is a Swedish Youtuber based in Los Angeles, California. She began her channel back in 2014 with a charming DIY project she called the popcorn catapult, and what followed was a series of short videos showcasing each design she had invented thereafter (predominantly machines).

Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz Kickstarter for The Every Day Calendar

Over time Giertz’s channel has evolved to full-scale project videos, with a complete breakdown of the design process and construction. Her charming personality, comedic quality, and passion for the things she creates have earned her a jump in the Youtuber ranks, with 2.37 million subscribers and rising.

What We Think

This is an extremely well thought out and innovative chair that we certainly hope will be coming to the pet market soon. The classic design is especially appealing, creating a chair with style as well as functionality so as not to take away from the aesthetic of your office space. Additionally, the intelligent use of available space by creating a nook and storage is worthy of applause. All-in-all we are very impressed, and not at all surprised by the brilliance of this office chair design, and look forward to seeing more from Simone Giertz.

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