Black Adam Set To Release In Summer 2022

Black Adam Set To Release In Summer 2022

Following the success that was DC Entertainment’s 2019 release Shazam, it would be only appropriate for the company to further capitalise, exploiting other prominent characters in order to solidify their place in cinematic history, as a worthy rival of the MCU.

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Besides the release of The Suicide Squad trailer, fans and eager cinema-goers are also anticipating Dwayne Johnson’s introduction into the DC universe as one of Shazam’s biggest foes; Black Adam. After all, it was only a matter of time before one of these comic book giants snapped him up. Johnson’s appeal and expertise have been in demand for a number of years following releases such as Jumanji, the Fast and Furious series, Central Intelligence and not to mention the constant exposure of him just being a great human in general.

What can we expect?

Almost every DC fan would agree that their array of Supervillains is a mixed bag, from the questionable antics of ‘The Condiment King’ to the widely portrayed, fan favourite, Joker’. However, over the years DC have made some excellent decisions leading to the success of their franchises including the Batman Arkham video games, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and pretty much any film featuring their genius casting of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Dwayne Johnson’s physicality and appearance make him a perfect fit for the Antihero/Villain. Meanwhile, the characters’ suggested allegiance with the Justice Society of America could impose an internal struggle for Black Adam – who Johnson will inevitably do the character justice. Pun intended.

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If you don’t know too much about Black Adam, here it is in a nutshell; Teth Adam wielded the power of Shazam 5000 years prior to Billy Batson, to which he used these powers to free himself, and others, from the tyranny of an Egyptian Pharaoh. However, after doing so, those powers took their toll on Adam, twisting him from a noble hero to a violent and much-feared villain. Thus, it is speculated that the movie’s plot may heavily involve Black Adam’s origin. As well as this, it may also feature the JSA as a prominent focus to drive the story.

When Will Black Adam Be Released?

Black Adam is set to be released in the USA on the 29th July 2022, after being pushed back from its intended release in late 2021. Canadian and UK audiences can still expect the movie in 2022 however a specific date is yet to be released. However, in past instances where a movie has released earlier in the US, a UK date has never been too far after. So hopefully we won’t have long to wait!

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Before you go, why not view Black Adam’s Teaser Trailer here



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