Just Die Already – Overview and Opinions

Just Die Already – Overview and Opinions

Being old sucks. The reality is that once you reach that age of the ancients, the only thing you’ll receive is broken backs, crumbling knees, and a perchance to complain about the youth today… But not in this game. Just Die Already allows you fulfil your wildest fantasies of becoming an active retiree hell-bent on fulfilling various tasks in a bloody & fiery extraordinaire.

Just Die Already Review

Surely you’ve heard of Goat Simulator – That famously chaotic game about a Goat wreaking havoc and racking up points Tony Hawk style? Well the creator of that game, Armin Ibrisagic, certainly doesn’t hold back on that mayhem with their new game Just Die Already.

More About the Team

Ibrisagic revolutionised the gaming genre with the physics of Goat Simulator; paving the way for much similar games to follow through. Just Die Already goes all out with the destruction and bizarreness that Goat Simulator prototyped; adding a much more sandbox world, universe-breaking physics, and more options to crush it down for your own psychopathic tendencies. The game also doesn’t shy away from appealing to a much mature audience; adding more dismemberment, gore, violence, and even the occasional nudity.

Just die already opinions

The Game also features a single-player mode and online multiplayer – the latter of which may offer co-operative and PVP modes, so you can fulfil your murderous tasks with a buddy or against your buddy. After all, what better way to play than to form your own Suicide Squad of senior citizens?

What To Expect From Just Die Already

As the title of the game suggests, death isn’t so easily obtainable – even for your rag-tag group of walking raisins. You’ve survived countless generations of children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren; so what’s a missing leg going to matter? Or a missing arm? Or a missing body from the waist up for that matter! With a variety of weapons from helium balloon guns to sparky magical wands to even Lightsabers, there’s no shortness to the ways that you can mutilate and massacre your friends, enemies, and the in-between.

what to expect from Just Die Already

If you love to immerse yourself in sandbox games of the bonkers variety and don’t mind the constant rain of blood from your body or your friends, then this game is perfect for you. With so many different ways to creatively fulfil your tasks and bring a new-found sense of youth and adventure to your old age, this game offers so much for both solo gamers and those that want to have fun with their friends; both leading to new explorations on different ways to push the game past it’s unbreakable limits.

Our opinion of Just Die Already

Just Die Already has huge potential to become a beyond-worthy successor to its predecessor. Ibrisagic has already wowed us with the experimentation and improvements to the game’s physics compared to Goat Simulator, with potential to create even more wackiness by adding new features, challenges, weapons and even game modes.

Just die already first look

The game alone looks like it could provide months of senseless entertainment, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve it. Overall, that announce trailer just proves that in a world driven by narrative-based games and meaningful stories; there’s always room for a little chaos in our world.

Release Date

Just Die Already will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We are yet to get a confirmed release date.



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