Button City – Overview and Opinions

Button City – Overview and Opinions

Button City is a new and upcoming indie game that is centred around a character named Fennel the Fox, who is trying to save the town’s local arcade. Solve puzzles, make new friends and complete quests in this dazzling pastel-coloured world.  

Players may also join their new virtual friends, as they explore Button City through a variety of arcade games. Each one allowing gamers to win prizes, such as costumes and arcade buffs to aid them in their journey.  

Button City

Button City and Its Story

When a greedy cat, named Peppermint Pepperbottom, tries to shut down the local arcade, Fennel the Fox must embark on an escapade adventure with his newfound friends to try and save it in this low poly and colourful world. As Fennel and his friends make their way through their adventure, they will learn about friendship, growing up and how important it is to save the things that are deemed important to you.  

Currently developed by Subliminal Gaming, who is currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Button City promises to be a heart-warming addition to their repertoire. Their key focuses are currently on colourful games that feature a bright aesthetic, giving off a fun feeling for any type of player.  

How Does Button City Work?

Button City is a narrative-led adventure game that lets players relax by utilising simulation mechanics, which also makes it user friendly. This allows players to focus on the story and completing puzzles in this low poly pastel world.  

This dazzling world combines both puzzle-solving and adventure into one, keeping players engaged and allowing them to find secrets on the way. Button City is full of surprises that feature a 4v4 arcade game that they will get to experience with their friends.  

What Do We Think?

Button City is the perfect mash-up of puzzle solving, adventure and casual game styles that could be considered for a simulation game. The game seems to have a relaxing aura which may be perfect for those casual players and those who do not want to commit to a thirty-five or forty hour game.  

Button City Gameplay

Button City may be a hit for those who are enticed by the bright colour adventure /casual games and those who would like bit of fun and relaxation to end their day with.  We are looking forward to when Button City hits PC and how the project will look come release day.  

Release and Availability

Currently, Button City is only available on PC. PC players are able to add the game to their Steam wishlist and their is no set-in-stone release date.  



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