The ‘World’s Biggest Rabbit’ Has Been Stolen

The ‘World’s Biggest Rabbit’ Has Been Stolen

The World’s Biggest Rabbit has been snatch from it’s home garden in Worcestershire. It’s heart broken owner is offering a reward for its safe return. Annette Edwards is the distraught owner of the Continental Giant rabbit, named Darius. Edwards has pleaded with the thieves to return her beloved pet safely.

The Theft of the World’s Biggest Rabbit: April 11th, 2021

Edwards took to Twitter on April 11th to inform her followers of the theft of Darius, calling it a “very sad day”. She goes on to say that the police are involved in finding the missing rabbit. Understandably, Edwards is distraught by the theft and losing a family member. As such, she has offered £1,000 for his safe return. Adding that Darius is now “too old to breed”, and so she can’t see a reason for the theft.

Update: April 13th, 2021

Edwards followed up her original tweet explaining the theft of Darius with a desperate plea for the thieves to bring her rabbit home. She is quoted saying, “Please, please I am so upset”, and has said that she will be raising the reward to £2,000. She simply wants her bunny to be brought home safely to her.

World's biggest rabbit darius
image from Indian Express

Further Update: April 15th, 2021

Multiple reports have flooded the UK and international news outlets. Unfortunately, there has still been no further information regarding the whereabouts of Darius. The police have also not received any additional leads to help them to track thieves down.

“We are still waiting for some news. I have been up all night. Just want Darius back”

We are all hoping to see the old bunny home safe and sound soon. As Edwards has explained, he is to old to be bred and so it is a needless theft.

How Big is The World’s Biggest Rabbit?

Darius, the Continental Giant rabbit broke the Guinness World Record for his size, officially making him the World’s Biggest Rabbit, back in April, 2010. The mighty bunny measures 4 feet 3 inches long!

Annette Edwards, a model and proud breeder of Continental Giants can boast 4 winning titles for her rabbits, due to their size, and was in the news years ago for another of her rabbits which had also broken a record for its size at the time. She has previously said that her Continental Giant rabbits are extremely popular internationally, with a waiting list for people wanting to purchase one of these titanic bunnies for themselves.

How Can You Help?

The police have requested that anyone with information regarding the possible wearable of Darius contact PC Daren Riley via 101 quoting the reference 00286_I_11042021.

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