KLANG 2 – The Electric Boogaloo

KLANG 2 – The Electric Boogaloo

It is time for you to take your second step into ‘the rave of the warrior’. Tinimations return with the sequel to the 2016 techno rhythm-action game that is KLANG. That’s right, our hero Klang returns to the world of bright lights and heavy music to bring you on another journey to save his universe.

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What to expect:

Tinimations founder Tom-Ivar Arntzen returns with the second instalment of the KLANG series; where Klang must defeat powerful god-like beings that use the power of music to alter his reality. Armed with your trusty Tuneblades and musical powers, you must exercise patience, timing and focus in order to gain perfection through “over 30 levels of intense EDM-Action”.

KLANG 2 offers more than its previous instalment – giving you a story and training mode that synchronises both your need to play the hero’s journey, and hones your dexterity and concentration for the coming battles. Training allows you to earn tokens based on your rank, which is dependable on your skill.

Klang 2

Gameplay and Story for KLANG 2:

KLANG 2 offers a single-player-only experience for the players, but has improved so much on its mechanics and features from its predecessor. The sequel offers a more fluid feel to the combat and movements – bringing that sense of supernatural power and agility that makes you worthy of taking on the architects of your destruction. Much like the original, KLANG 2 demands perfection, and with the almost endless combat in this game – there ain’t no rest for the weary.

Players will gain 3 actions in this game: Striking, Dashing, and Holding. Striking are quick attacks that allow you to interrupt enemies with fireballs. Dashing allows you to dodge in the direction prompted on the screen. Holding allows you to shoot electric-based powers at a powerful enemy.

Each action is categorised by its colour and the shape of the enemy, the latter of which can be customised for your personal tastes. This allows easier accessibility for players to use foresight into what action to use next before it’s even made. You’d reckon that would make the game simple enough, right? Wrong.

Even with the know-how to beat your enemies, you must attack at the right time to score high. Too early and your scores shrink, too late and you can get hit (which reduces your score). That isn’t made easy, as the increased pacing of the music also increases the difficulty and speed for which you need to attack and counterattack.  

The Music of KLANG 2

That brings us to the next point: The music. Legendary composer bLiNd returns, alongside other talents such as James Landino, Arcien, Nhato and more, to create the stunning soundtracks that bring life to the world of KLANG. Their music makes this game more meaningful, as you pass through individual levels of their techno-masterpieces setting the tone of the story and the endless battles for the journey ahead.

From what we can see from the story, Klang serves ‘Soundboard Sonas’, a creature of many eyes that directs him to master the Tuneblades and eliminate his enemies, stating that “your enemy… is all that matters”. From what we can see, this will be a journey of improvement, both for Klang and the player.

Our Opinion:

The first KLANG received mixed reviews, with the overview being that it was hit or miss. However, Arntzen has said that “I’ve listened to feedback from players and fine-tuned the gameplay, focusing on what players loved most and making it even better”. This could be why we haven’t seen any of the platforming elements from the first game such as wall-jumping and elevator rides in the gameplay trailers. Needless to say that the removal of such a feature would make it primarily focus on the battling aspect of the game, which could go either way, depending on how they’ve upgraded it since the last game.

Regardless, we are interested in seeing how the game expands upon the KLANG universe and its techno-mythological themes. The world looks beautiful, and its characters bring a lot of intrigue and mystery our way, especially Sonas; what are its motivations with our hero? And will we be aiding the very thing we swore to fight? or are we simply suspicious because of its appearance and aura?

Klang 2 is set for release TBA 2021 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.



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