Borderlands 3 Deleted Scenes Give Ava Much Needed Character Growth

Borderlands 3 Deleted Scenes Give Ava Much Needed Character Growth

2k Games has released some pivotal Borderlands 3 deleted scenes that have provided young Ava with some much-needed character development. Over the course of three main games, several DLC’s, and extra content packs, Borderlands has given us amazing story arcs. These arcs were given to us through the use of echo logs, side quests, and the main quests themselves. However, certain decisions made in the Borderlands 3 were not well received by players. These decisions more commonly regarding Ava. You know who I mean. I can feel your blood boiling from here.

Be aware: Borderlands 3 SPOILERS and strong opinions ahead.

‘I watched them turn my only friend to dust. Maya was one of the most powerful people in the universe and they just…’

– Ava. Maya’s Funeral Cut Scene. Borderlands 3 Director’s cut

The Siren’s Apprentice – Ava

Following the events of Borderlands 2 Maya returns to her home on Athenas to study and learn more about her siren heritage. During her time there, Maya catches a young orphaned girl, Ava, attempting to steal her book. Rather than throw her to her death the Siren decides that the young thief could be put to good use. Eventually, Maya came to the conclusion that Ava, one day, will become a great Siren herself, and so she begins to train Ava as her apprentice.

Why Is Ava Hated?

A point that I could make again and again would be that Ava had the potential to be a well-rounded and respectable character. Instead, she wore down the player with her disobedient, entitled, loud-mouthed, and bratty behaviour.
Players couldn’t help but criticize and rip Ava apart after we saw little to no character development from her throughout the game. She blames Lilith for Maya’s death when we all know it was Ava’s actions that lead to the murder.

borderlands 3 lilith
‘Sanctuary’s yours, Ava. Be ready’ – Lilith. Borderlands 3. Image from

Her disrespectful attitude and inability to take responsibility for her actions only help to drive the player onto the hate wagon. Also, to top things off, Lilith gave Ava her role as leader of the Crimson Raiders before disappearing, which was a choice that rendered players speechless and annoyed given Ava’s bold, yet unbearable characteristics.

Watch The Borderlands 3 Deleted Scenes

FULL CUTSCENE: Maya’s Funeral – (Cut Cutscene) – Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut (SPOILERS) – Video posted by EpicNNG

So after watching the deleted scenes we’re left wondering ‘Whose idea was it to cut these scenes?!’ they were wonderfully tear-inducing and added so much more depth to Ava that would justify Lilith’s decision at the end of the game. Her behaviour could have been excused as she was grieving for her friend, and after all; Ava is still only a teenager. Given time, and patience Ava could evolve and adapt during her time with the Crimson Raiders.

The Story Doesn’t End There.

With all things said and done, Borderlands 3 and these additional scenes are in our hands. We can stomp our feet and throw the biggest of tantrums but all we can do now is accept it. As a devoted fan of Borderlands, I’ll take the good and the bad. It’s important to remember that no one is as dedicated to their franchise as the developers. They pour themselves into their work all day, every day, and whereas not all decisions are great ones they are willing to learn from the feedback given by their fans and audience.

borderlands 3 director's cut
Borderlands Director’s Cut is available now to purchase. Image from Gamerant

Borderlands 4 has not been confirmed but it is heavily implied that Ava will continue to have a big part to play if we are to see more. Assuming there will be another game to look forward to Ava will have hopefully grown into the person Maya was guiding her towards. Let’s not forget that Ava was trained by one of the greatest Sirens the game has seen so far, so let’s see where it goes.

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  1. Though it does show some slight growth in Ava and LIlith it absolutely does not justify Ava being named leader. She still does not know squat about anything, nor does she have the respect of the NPCs let alone the players. That funeral scene was decent but it is far from undoing that terrible story arc.

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