Fashion Police Squad – To Perfect and Serve

Fashion Police Squad – To Perfect and Serve

What’s the difference between being a cop in real life and being one in this game? In Fashion Police Squad, you can solve real crimes – like bringing swag to this swagless state of a town. Mopeful Games bring you Fashion Police Squad; the First Person Shooter that lets you fight rogue vogues in style.

What to Expect From Fashion Police Squad

Order and Chaos – that’s what you should expect. Fashion Police Squad is a game where you must defeat your foes and solve crimes using the power of fashion. The game looks to be a train-wreck of fun; as you take command of a police officer with a variety of kooky arsenals in a quest of flamboyant extravaganza.

The style of this game looks very appealing, as Fashion Police Squad revives an old classic genre in the form of retro FPS. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this form of nostalgia being brought back will be a joy for all. Indeed, this game is a treasure, in a world where hyper-realistic graphics are everything.

Fashion Police Squad game

Gameplay of Fashion Police Squad:

DOOM meets GTA: retro style. If that isn’t the combo you knew you wanted, it is now. Fashion Police Squad features a single-player-only style of gameplay. However, what it lacks in multiplayer, it makes up for in content. Thus, the game perfects the beauty of DOOM’s retro-styled first-person shooting mode and mechanics, combined with the city-life feel and rampaging of GTA.

As mentioned before, players will gain a range of different weaponry to their arsenal to combat the different exclusive enemy types within the game. Players will gain access to “satisfying attire altering weapons like the Tailormade, 2DYE4 Carbine Elite, the Belt of Justice and the W.A.R.drobe Launcher.” The victory against these enemies will depend on the player’s ability to switch their weapons to match the right code (or should I say ‘dress code?’) of their foes.

Move over Bioshock’s Skyhook – there’s a new way to travel around town. While many First Person Shooters utilise wall-running or zip lines in their ability to get from one side to the other, Fashion Police Squad allows you to truly be the one person you wanted to be… Spider-Cop!

Using your trusty Belt of Justice, you can whip your weapon into flagpoles dotted around the city and swing your way around town. What’s better is that the villains that think they have the high ground, don’t have it any more as you then have the ability to shoot them mid-air.

Screenshot from Fashion Police Squad

The Story:

In a videogame called ‘Fashion Police Squad’, one would assume that this was a simple sandbox indie – But that isn’t the case. The game features a story mode that progresses through many levels; each of those levels having significant tasks and side missions for you to complete.

Within the story itself, players will take control of Sergeant Des, whose job it is to “uncover the mystery behind the sudden resurgence of fashion criminals”. Apart from dressing those criminals ‘the right way’, you’ll be meeting various other characters and immerse yourself in the world created. Aside from the story, the player can also solve other crimes, find secrets, and even confiscate swag (we’re pretty serious on this one).

Fashion Police Squad Gameplay

Our Opinion:

We’re pretty excited about this one! First Person Shooter’s today tend to have a common theme, mechanic or gameplay that makes them feel similar to one another. However, looking at this – we can see that the choice to go back to its retro roots was a smart decision. What we have here is a potential free-roaming DOOM game, but with more humour and craziness added to it.

The world looks gorgeous with its pixel-style graphics, while the colours really make it pop and stand out. This, alongside the weaponry and swinging mechanics, means we have the recipe for a fun and lovable game. Regardless of how the story will go, we bet that players will have the time of their lives reliving the feel of an old-style shooter game mixed with the bizarre humour of fashion-policing.

Fashion Police Squad is TBA but will be released on Steam.



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