Arboria – The Game for Trolls (Literally)

Arboria – The Game for Trolls (Literally)

We’ve all heard of the term ‘Trolling’, right? And we’ve all been at the brunt of it or the ones doing it (you know who you are). Regardless, this game allows you to be a troll… a literal one. Dreamplant and All In! Games bring us their Fantasy-Action RogueLite dungeon crawler known as Arboria.

What to Expect From Arboria:

In Arboria, players will control a Yotun – one of many troll-like creatures that have banded into a tribe to worship ‘Godz’ and protect ‘The Father Tree’. They will delve deep into the almost endless pit beneath their home in an attempt to vanquish a great evil plaguing their village.

Players will be tested to the maximum. Causing you to work your way through various enemies and trials. Most of which will most likely result in your death and resurrection multiple times. For fantasy lovers and combat extraordinaires, Arboria is a must for you.

Arboria trolls


Arboria offers a single-player experience in the form of Dark Souls-like combat and exploration. People familiar with those games will be playing this game like its second nature. You can move, dodge, attack with primary and secondary weapons and even heal in the game.

The camera angles also work to allow a great view for exploration, but close enough for enemies to flank and ambush you. As mentioned before, the game involves dungeon-crawling through various levels of the pit. Meaning players can expect both combat encounters and exploration throughout.

Players also can choose one of three different Yotun – each one having its own traits and features. Some have better health or resistance but are slower than others. Sometimes the ones with the worse traits have better stats and would be recommended for more high-risk-high-rewards players.

Yotun can also utilise 3 different primary weapons: swords, axes or scythes. These weapons have different motions and stats that match the playstyle of the player. Players can also equip 1 of 3 different secondary weapons. There’s the teleporter to help you evade enemies, the shield to build your defence up, or the shockwave to help keep your enemies at a distance.

Arboria Gameplay

The Story of Arboria:

You are the Chosen One! And we’re not talking about some prophecy or fate-instilled type – we literally mean you were chosen and they can only send one at a time.

The Yotunz Tribe face extinction and they need you to dive deep into The  Hole, and brave through the underground of dangers in a quest to “heal the Father Tree and restore the power of your tribe”.  Aided by a magical pixie named Rata, your troll must also track down Gabbok, another Yotun who went deeper into the pit and has not been seen.

You must also collect Veri, a magical crystal found into the depths that can boost your abilities and appease the Godz to progress deeper. However, be sure to store your Veri for use when you return, lest you lose most or even all of it upon death.

However, death is inevitable… but not forever. When your Yotun dies, your head is collected by Rata and thrown back into the recycling cauldron. There you will pick a new Yotun, one whose abilities and stats are boosted by the upgrades you enhanced upon your old Yotun’s death. Therefore death is only but a means to an end, to progress further through trial and error.

Arboria Gameplay

Our Opinion:

It’s very clear that at first glance, a lot of people would mistake this as a souls copy – but that isn’t the case here. Arboria is a dungeon-crawl that acts as a tutorial TO any From Software games. We say this, as the threat of death in this game is much laxer – yet still rewarding when you return. In death, you are forced to change your playstyle to another character, which therefore allows you to forcibly experiment with each character’s move sets and abilities.  

You also pass on those improved abilities from your previous character into the next – literally evolving into the perfect Yotun. As you get comfortable with learning this, you start to prioritise gaining as much Veri as possible instead of continuing the main quest. You learn to improve yourself and prepare before you take on the bosses.  

For a Roguelike Indie game, we are quite impressed with the combat and graphics. However, it is the world of Arboria that intrigues us the most, with so much of the Yotunz culture, world, and story to be explored. You can bet that this isn’t your standard dark fantasy game.

We also hear that there will be various updates and expansions to improve the game despite it not being released yet. We are glad to hear that the team are thinking of new and inventive wars to improve the game before they deliver it to us.

 Arboria releases on TBA 2021 via Steam.



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