Staying Safe In The Gym After Lockdown

Staying Safe In The Gym After Lockdown

Now that things are opening up again following lockdown, we can’t wait to get back in the gym. However, it’s important to keep yourself – and others – safe while getting back into your routine. That way, we can avoid another surge in cases and stop another lockdown! Here, you’ll find all the basic hints and tips you’ll need to stay safe in the gym, while still getting in a good workout.

Wear a Mask to Keep Others Safe in the Gym

Yes, we know it’s a pain. Yes, it feels icky to have a sweaty mask on your face. But, when we work out we also breathe more heavily than usual. In doing this, the risk of exhaling water particles that hold the virus increases. It’s also been shown to protect us from infection through transmission. This is because the mask itself catches the water droplets, while allowing gas to pass through.

Workout outside if you can
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If you prefer, you can easily buy some specially made masks, which may help you to feel more comfortable during workouts. However, any mask that covers your nose and mouth will do. Just remember that, if you have a reusable mask, you’ll need to give these a wash after each use. So, there’s no harm in buying more than one!

Wipe Down Equipment After Use

In all fairness, everyone who goes to the gym should really be doing this anyway. Of course, there’s no harm in reiterating the benefits of wiping down equipment. Most gyms should now have some disinfectant within easy reach of the workout areas. If you can’t see any, just ask at the desk (or bring your own in a small bottle).

Wipe down equipment to stay safe in the gym
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If you spot others in the gym who aren’t doing this, feel free to wipe down equipment before you use it, too. It only adds about 30 seconds to each round of workouts. But it may keep you and your workout buddies safe, as well as the gyms open.

Maintain Distancing

This is particularly helpful to those who can’t wear a mask. Maintaining roughly 2 meters between you and other gym users can is proven to reduce the risk of transmission. And we’re always a big fan of anything that adds a little space between each other when working out.

Staying safe in the gym after lockdown
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It might be a bit of a pain to some, but think of the space you’ll have to do your fly workout. Without the worry of accidentally banging into someone nearby! Not to mention this should stop people hovering nearby, when you’re using a machine. Instead, they’ll have to just go elsewhere until it’s free.

Skip the Locker Room

Unless you need to have a shower before work or suchlike, it’s best to avoid the locker room altogether. Here, people will be taking off their mask, touching a thousand surfaces and generally creating moist, sweaty and unhygienic areas. Thus, it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

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If you’re able to, you should also try to wash your clothes as soon as possible. Languishing in your sweats can be tempting after a good workout, but if you’ve picked anything up from the gym, your clothes will quickly allow this to multiply.

Other Tips to Stay Safe in the Gym

  • If you feel sick, just stay at home. Remember that infection doesn’t just affect you and those around – but also others around them, too. You never know who might be vulnerable, so please don’t risk it.
  • Keep washing your hands and try not to touch your face. It can be hard to resist wiping sweat away – but use a flannel instead.
  • Bring your own bits and pieces. While we don’t expect everyone to have a full set of gear at home (that’s what the gym is for, after all) using your own water bottle, flannel and towel can help reduce accidental transmission.
  • Avoid peak times. Most gyms will have new rules in place, but peak times are still the busiest. Try to head in during quieter periods, which will also have the benefit of making you feel safer, too.


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