Protodroid DeLTA – Overview and Opinions

Protodroid DeLTA – Overview and Opinions

Megaman X7 perfected. That’s what a lot of people are calling this game. Protodroid DeLTA is the game inspired by the Megaman series and created by a huge fan of those games, Adam Kareem. A solo indie game developer, Adam has been working with the Black Game Developer Fund, to create the Solarpunk world in which our story takes place.

What to Expect From Protodroid DeLTA

As a Solo Game Developer, Kareem has put enormous amounts of effort, passion and soul into Protodroid DeLTA. Previously stating that this is his dream game, you can trust that he’ll make it the absolute best he can. As well as this, Kareem has also worked with talented 3D modelers, 2D illustrators, musicians and voice actors to bring it to life.

Protodroid DeLTA

Protodroid DeLTA gives us a breathtaking futuristic world with the universe of Solarpunk – an almost Utopian planet where solar energy has solved most of the world’s problems. We mentioned that the game is an “anime extraordinaire” and we mean it. The art style is beautiful and clearly heavily influenced by the anime style – with its movements, colour and action popping out in a ballistic ballet.

Most notably, you can expect to see gorgeous scenery and shining cities. Which is a rare gem among other dark and gritty looking games on the market. Protodroid DeLTA, overall, looks energetic and heroic; which is a great mix for the gameplay that follows it.

Solarpunk Mixed With Classic Gameplay

Kareem envisioned his dream game as:

Inspired by the SNES classic, Megaman X, “Protodroid DeLTA” sets out to modernise the classic and fully translate the fast and fluid 2D gameplay of the X series into 3D”.

The gameplay manages to capture that vision; firstly by its movement style and combat, secondly, by the way Protodroid DeLTA captures the feel of the platformer game. This is done with the use of elevations, moving platforms and obstacles that the player needs to manoeuvre around. Even the jumping promotes a sense of nostalgia, with the good ol’ “tree pose jump whilst grunting” that we all know and love making a return.

The world of Radia within Protodroid DeLTA

Fans of the Megaman series will feel right at home with the two weapons at the player’s disposal – a hand cannon and an energy blade. The hand cannon are made for you to lock onto enemies and deliver quick bursts of energy, or large but slow power shots. Furthermore, the energy blade lets you to get up close and personal against your enemies. This allows you to deliver a flurry of combos to destroy them. As well as this, they can also be used to destroy shields that are resistant or immune to the effectiveness of your hand cannon.

One of the most important pieces of your arsenal is your armour.

Protodroid DeLTA review

Moreover, as you progress through the levels, several upgrades can be made to your gear such as your:

  • Detection field
  • Buster Cannon
  • Thruster boots
  • Charge core
  • Double plate.

Finally, players can also seek another Protodroid, by the name of AnnDROID. They’ll be available within each level to teach you new techniques for your energy blade.

The Story Of Protodroid DeLTA

Past the year 2120, the story takes place in Radia – futuristic North America – where an almost utopian society exists. A.I. is present and companies compete in a bid to make the greatest of them – but fail to provide satisfaction. Dr Shelton creates the first Protodroid – our protagonist, DeLTA, the first droid with human-based intelligence. DeLTA’s reason for being created was to change the outlook of AI and show the world that she’s more than an android.

A year later, an incident forced DeLTA to have to fend off attackers of Dr Shelton – giving Dr Shelton a new idea. She would turn DeLTA into a hero, someone to combat the drone-gang threat of the city and earn the public’s respect.

In the game, the player’s objective is to eliminate 4 crime bosses of different regions. They do this by clearing their regions and then fighting each one in a 2-phase boss. The 4 crime bosses DeLTA will face are:

Protodroid DeLTA stage select
  • Evelyn “Eevy” Wang – Heiress of a formerly dominant mafia family in Radiant Bay.
  • Rocky Jones – Leader of a gang of land pirates and thrill seekers known as ‘The Brigade’. He dominates Durbin.
  • Sasha Shelton – An engaging and charismatic character who seeks a sense of purpose. She controls Eldinburgh.
  • Rey Alebrije – An obsessive narcissist trying to achieve the title of world’s greatest influencer. He patrols Grand Soleil.

Along the way you’ll encounter allies and strangers alike; such as ‘AnnDROID’, another Protodroid created for the sole purpose of bringing peace… no matter the cost.

Release Information

Protodroid DeLTA is expected to be released Late 2021 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. If this game has piqued your interest, it is available to add to your Steam wishlist now!

Our Opinion Of Protodroid DeLTA

To see the passion which has been put into this game is awe-inspiring. Kareem shows us that a single game/series can make a big impact on one’s life; we are privileged to see the influence of Megaman on this game. Visually, the game is stunning. And we certainly cannot deny that Radia is a beautiful setting for the story to take place.

We look forward to seeing another ‘retro-revived’ styled indie game brought to life, especially with the entertaining gameplay it offers us. I for one am also incredibly happy to see some great representation in the game; the likes of Black and Latino/Latina characters being prominent. The voice talent is also incredible! and we can really differentiate their personalities and character every time they speak. Overall we would definitely recommend you pick up this game when it drops.



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