Apico – Overview and Opinions

Apico – Overview and Opinions

Want to play an indie game that the industry is buzzing about – but don’t want the gameplay to make you feel like a worker bee? Apico might be just what you need. An easy-going, casual-sim game, Apico is all about breeding and collecting bees. A great choice for those interested in family-friendly games, this is the ideal choice for a casual gamer.

More About Apico

Set in a series of different environments, Apico is based around farming and breeding bees. It combines farming, resource gathering, management and minigames. All of which are easy to understand for the whole family. Simply put, this is a game that is relaxing and almost meditative in gameplay.

We begin by exploring the worlds in Apico. At which point you’ll find your bees, scattered naturally, in each biome. Once you’ve found your initial set and shown them who the real Queen Bee is, you can then begin crafting. By collecting the raw materials, you can craft tools and resources. These will be essential in building up your bee world, and will eventually transform into steampunk and cog-based clockwork tools. Of course, it wouldn’t be a casual-sim game without an element of trade. Players can sell their bees, constructions and tools – or swap them for new technology.

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Similarly, you can even release your inner Frankenstein by cross-breeding your bees. Elemental bees are endorsed (even if it’s by a somewhat questionable scientist) and can lead to further looting capabilities. Players are even in control of the level of deforestation around their apiary. Whether you prefer to create the ultimate efficiency within your new business venture, or opt for a slower – but less profitable – option, this is a game we’re sure players will fall in love with.

Thus, we can see that this simple beekeeping game is so much more than a simple sim. Each randomly generated world offers their own benefits and downfalls. And each choice can lead to a profitable dystopia or a relaxing utopia.

The Studio Behind Apico

Apico is the product of brothers Elliot and Jamie – who are professionally referred to as TNgineers. Their love of retro games, in combination with old Minecraft mods, casual, and crafting games has fueled their desire to create a simulation that offers whatever the player needs. In the words of the developers, “[we] wanted to make something relaxing, intriguing, and semi-educational (just don’t think about the Water Bees)”.

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The developers themselves have also made a point to highlight the significance of bees in our natural world. As such, the team will be donating a portion of the profits made from this game to national and international beekeeping communities. Luckily, these communities don’t need to worry about the aforementioned Water Bees. We imagine that would make their job so much harder.

When Can We Expect The Game?

Currently, the game is available on Steam as a demo. This is free-to-play, so feel free to get buzzing and check out the game for yourself. For those who are seeking the full game, arrival is expected in 2022, though there is currently no confirmed date.



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