Curved Space – Overview and Opinions

Curved Space – Overview and Opinions

Take a classic arcade twin-stick shooter, shoot it into space and battle cosmic spiders, and you’ll get Curved Space. A game where bullets are affected by gravity and horizons drop out of sight. This intense arcade-style game is promising to be one of the most highly-anticipated indie games coming out this year.

About The Curved Space Game

Curved Space is ready to take the traditionally excitable nature of classic shoot-em-ups while combining it with a modern, 3D take. Players will need to hunt for the right weapons, as well as power-ups and upgrades. Whether it’s blasting irritating books or working against enormous monsters as boss battles, the game offers just the right level of challenge.

Most notably, there are five different modes to explore, ready to meet the gameplay styles of any gamer. In campaign mode, players will become an energy harvester, fighting against a galactic spider invasion. The arena mode offers up the chance for gamers to take on randomised challenges. The result of which will give players the chance to stick their name on a local leaderboard.

Curved Space gameplay

Then there’s survival mode. Here, you’ll be fighting waves of invaders – a classic game move. Each wave will become distinctively more tough, offering some interesting challenges for players. Endless mode introduces waves of randomised challenges, mixing survival and arena. Finally, the daily run combines aspects of all of the above, so that gamers can compete against each other for the highest score possible.

The Team Behind Curved Space

Maximum Games is one of the fastest-growing publishers in the gaming industry. Founded in 2009 and based in California, the team is made up of veterans who are dedicated to providing unique experiences. These days, they play host to a wide variety of games, which span across all consoles and genres.

Curved Space Game

Their offices now stretch across the pond, with headquarters remaining in the US and newer workspaces in the UK. The team have since released a publishing label – Modus Games. Maximum Games say “From large scale publishers to industry first-timers, we enable developers and our publishing partners to create the experiences they envision without compromise”. This is definitely seen in Curved Space, as they create a story-driven campaign with additional arcade options. As such, we can’t wait to see more from the designers – and we’re looking forward to playing Curved Space.

Key Features Of The Game

  • Experience classic 2D in 3D. Climb walls, flip over to the other side of your environment, and experience breathtaking vistas. However you play, enjoy the high-energy action of traditional 2D shoot ‘em ups in a warped 3D space.
  • Play to your own expertise.  Take on new challenges, test your skills, and chase your place through different game modes.
  • A synth-wave soundtrack. Enjoy a high-energy soundtrack in partnership with FiXT Neon, featuring artists like Scandroid, 3Force, and Fury Weekend.
  • Collect a plethora of ability and weapon upgrades. Weapons are varied (from lasers to flamethrowers to weed whackers!) and equipped with their own overdrive states!

Check out the announcement trailer, to see how some of these look in action.

When Is Curved Space Being Released?

Curved Space will be available across all consoles and PC, from 18th June. However, you can wishlist and pre-order from right now.



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