Simple Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Simple Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Today’s minimalist approach to all things interior can work well for those who like to walk into a blank canvas each day. That said, there is certainly something about adding a pop of colour to your house that adds heaps of character and can really make a house a home. After all, nobody wants to feel like they live in a hotel- especially as having monotone colours usually means a lot of extra tidying. Think of all those fingerprints!

Luckily for you, there’s a way to keep those clean lines and that Feng Shui feeling without losing the cosiness that your beautiful house has to offer. Below are some great ways to add colour to your home. 

Add Colour to Your Home With Feature Walls

As a firm favourite of designers for a good few years now, adding a feature wall to your lounge can not only really warm up your house but draw your attention to particular features you’d love to highlight. The most common example of this is having a feature wall surrounding your fireplace.

Credit: Valspar

This is especially effective in terraced and smaller houses, where having the contrasting light and dark can both add a little character to your home while allowing space around to feel light, creating the illusion of a much larger living space. 

Feature Ceilings

A new twist on the feature wall and a growing trend in the property industry. This can work best with larger rooms and rooms with tall walls. Because this is such a large area to paint, it can be a little tricky, but it is SO worth it. Visitors won’t be able to help but have their eyes drawn up to your trendy ceilings- excellent news if you like to live life a little messier than most!

The image above gives an excellent example of this. Showcasing how a colourful ceiling can really create a dramatic effect that you and your house guests will fall in love with. 

Adding Lots of Colours Through Geometric Patterns

Following the theme of adding features that pop with a dash of colour, we have our current favourite- geometric patterns. Using a colour pallet to match your taste, choose a base colour that follows a neutral tone. Once dried, add some masking tap in various shapes and lengths. You can really have some fun with this! Then grab your colours and go to town- think Microsoft paint for adults.

Credit: Reddit

Once your colours have dried, peel away your masking tape to reveal some oh-so-satisfying geometric shapes. As you can see from the image above, this technique can create a striking feature that is both cheap and easy to create. 

Add Colour to Your Home Using Decals

These are a fantastic way to add colours to your living room without all the extra fuss. They’re easy to pick up on the majority of shopping sites. Even better, once you’re tired of the colours or designs, you can simply peel them off and find a replacement.

Adding Colour with Furniture

As one of the more expensive options, most people prefer not to buy brand new furniture for each room. That said, there are some great ways to upcycle what you already have. Reupholstering a sofa can be a great, cost-effective way to bring your tired old couch back to life. As well as adding some wonderful shades into your lounge. 

adding colour with furniture
Credit: Tylko

Along similar lines, it can also be worth checking some decoupage techniques and having a go yourself. The majority of “tools” needed in order to do this are usually inexpensive and easy to come by. Not to mention that, with the individuality of each piece, your new furniture is bound to prove a hit with visitors.

Soft Furnishings

For those seeking a less dramatic way to add colour to their living room, using curtains, cushions and throws are absolutely ideal. This is a simple but effective way of drawing the eye and adding in a few hues to your habitat. And can mean that your minimalistic lounge remains, while the fun and personality aren’t forgotten.

add colour with furniture
Credit: Home Designing

Even something as simple as adding a rug can create a much-needed touch of character. It’s also a great way of adding in colour without the risk of damaging a rented home. Not to mention you can mix and match colours, or easily change things up when you get bored.

Add Colour with Accessories

I don’t know about you, but I could look at accessories and homeware all day long and never get bored. The wonderful part about buying new accessories for your lounge is that, whenever you get bored, you can simply sell them or give them away. Bringing in a fresh breeze of individuality that can change as much as you want them to.

add colour to your home with appliances
Credit: Harvey’s HQ

Not to mention that you could even create different sets for different seasons, if you should be so inclined. Candles, books, vases and even pieces of art can all create a different tone for a different period of your life. Mix and match for an eclectic feel or stick to your colour scheme to maintain a calm and collected environment- whichever makes you happy! 

Go green

This, of course, can work for any area in the home. But having plants in your living room not only improves the air quality but also your peace of mind. In some cultures, each plant can also hold a different charm- with some bringing money, others vitality and so on. Just be sure to keep them watered and happy! A dead plant does not make for a pleasant environment.

Credit: Plantz

Whatever your preference and whatever your style, we think this list really shows what a touch of creativity can do to brighten up your home. Whether you like things orderly and straight, or prefer to include a little eccentricity. Each idea can add as much or as little colour to your living room as you feel comfortable with.



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