House Of The Dragon Begins Production

House Of The Dragon Begins Production

300 years before the events of A Game of Thrones, House Targaryen ruled the Seven Kingdoms with an iron fist and their humungous, terrifying dragons. Finally, we’re getting ready to witness their reign as based on George R.R Martin’s novel Fire and Blood.

What To Expect From Game Of Thrones Prequel; House Of The Dragon

As suggested above House of the Dragon is based on the novel Fire and Blood, which details House Targaryen’s history. This involves their original reign over to the East in Valyria and their move to Dragonstone where they eventually became the rulers of Westeros.

Despite knowing the fate of the Targaryen’s through watching A Game of Thrones, the history of the house is complex and brimming with stories for the writers to abuse. Two of the most prominent arcs being: The Doom of Valyria and the Targaryen Civil War, also known as the Dance of Dragons.

Furthermore, Fire and Blood depicts the Targaryen’s inevitable struggle to uphold their throne in Westeros. Did I also mention there are dragons?! So, if you want to get a little more clued up, I recommend watching the above video by Fire and Blood.

Who Has Been Cast in House of the Dragon?

So far the prequel has welcomed many familiar faces to its cast including Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as Daemon Targaryen. As well as Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One) as Alicent Hightower, Paddy Considine (Peaky Blinders) Viserys Targaryen. In addition to this, we will be seeing Emma D’Arcy, Eve Best, and Steve Toussaint bring so many more characters to life.

Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith in costume. Image from The Indian Express

House of the Dragon Release Date

So far, we know the series will come to our screens in 2022. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, there will likely be precautions in place which could slow down filming which would likely indicate an Autumn/Winter release. Set photos like the image above tell us that the series is in the filming stage and that post-production is yet to begin. Nevertheless, the prequel is well on its way to being on our screens.

house of the dragon begins filming

The Fate Of House Targaryen

For those of you who are yet, for some reason, to finish Game of Thrones it may be best to skip this part. As there are spoilers ahead!

Years into the Targaryen reign yet another war broke out. The ‘Mad’ King Aerys II was cut from the throne and his entire family, bar two of his children, were slaughtered. Robert Baratheon claimed the throne and ordered the death of Aerys’s two remaining children, Viserys and Daenerys. Mostly through fear that they would return for the throne and his head.

Viserys, Daenerys, Aerys and Rhaegar Targaryen. Image from Express

This is where the events of A Game of Thrones begin. Over the course of eight seasons, we witness the journey of the kiddos and learn snippets of their family history. Fun fact: In the novels, there is another young Child of the house who was rescued and swept away to the East after the takedown of King’s Landing.

Consequently, the story of the Targaryen children ends with Daenerys. She returns to Westeros, after seasons of character-building situations and three dragons, only to suffer almost the same fate as her father. She witnesses death after death until she snaps and proceeds to burn the city to the ground with her last remaining dragon. Shortly after, it is in the throne room she meets death at the hands of Jon Snow. Ultimately this is the end of The House of Dragons.

Thoughts On The Finale and A Prequel

Fans of the original series had very strong opinions about the finale including the death of Daenerys. Personally, I believe her descent into madness was inevitable. Despite the numerous awful things to befall Dany, it paled in comparison to what other contenders of the Iron Throne received. Throughout the entire series, she had shown immense strength, overcoming anything the world had to throw at her. She seemed almost too good to be true. To add to this we knew how cruel and twisted the writers were to let her get off easy.

An image I just HAD to include. Look at the size of Balerion’s skull! I sincerely hope he’s part of the prequel! Image from Watchers on the Wall

In a nutshell, I think a prequel will be refreshing! It also has the opportunity to learn from its predecessor and be much more compelling. Honestly, after Game of Thrones finished it wasn’t imperative for me to become engrossed in a prequel. After all, we already know what happens in the end. However, after reading Fire and Blood I am immensely curious to see the finished result of the series! Also, to iterate, I’m very excited to see more dragons



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