Tomb Raider 2 Fan Remake What We Know So Far

Tomb Raider 2 Fan Remake What We Know So Far

You may already know that a long-term development project is in progress, to remake Tomb Raider 2. In which Nicobass is slowly but surely rebuilding the original 1997 Tomb Raider II game using Unreal Engine 4. This project has been ongoing for some time. First coming to the public’s attention in 2016, with the announcement of the first demo release. The demo released by Nicobass in 2016 gave players a chance to re-play the first level of Tomb Raider II with completely overhauled graphics.

Remastered Tomb Raider II Demo Updates

Nicobass is constantly announcing additional updates to the project, including the introduction of photo mode. Photo mode will allow players to get a close look at the hard work that has gone into the design of this game. Unreal Engine 4 has really done a stunning job of giving Nicobass the tools he needed to render a truly stunning game.

nicobass tomb raider II photomode
Photo Mode Image: Nicobass

Fans have been absolutely loving the new photo mode option, as it doesn’t only pause the game in action. Photo Mode allows the player to adjust the field of view and brightness. While even going as far as to let the player change Lara’s facial expression!

The update doesn’t stop there, however. As the list of additional changes being done to the demo to improve the player experience:

  • More reaction from the surrounding foliage.
  • New simulation rendering for water as well as replacing the fish models so that they now reaction to Lara’s movements.
  • General minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Adjustments to Lara’s model in order to help her look “a little bit more realistic”.
  • Improvement to Lara’s animation to help her movement appear more lifelike.
  • An alternative recreation of Lara’s original outfit. This can be found in the main menu and will be donned by Lara in the next new game that you start.

These updates only serve to improve the enjoyment and satisfaction that can be taken away from this gaming experience. And any die-hard original Tomb Raider fan is guaranteed to enjoy Nicobass’ stunning remastering project.

Where can I get this Tomb Raider II Nicobass demo?

The 1.2 version of Nicobass’ Tomb Raider project (which is currently the latest release), can be downloaded directly from the tombraider-dox website. So far, it has been receiving rave reviews from household gamers, through to the big sites like The Gamer taking note. It’s a huge feather in the cap of what has shown to be an amazing piece of work.

Currently, players can enjoy a portion of the first level. This level has been a fan favourite for long-time Tomb Raider fans, as The Great Wall includes some iconic moments from the franchise. However, we’re also seeing some amazing updates, such as Croft Manor and the infamous quad bike run.

Crystal Dynamics Approved

Crystal Dynamics themselves approved of the game reproduction, with the stipulation that it remains a not-for-profit venture. This blessing will hopefully stop big wigs from taking this much-loved and carefully created gem for their own gain.

tomb Raider II Remastered Nicobass
Tomb Raider II Remastered Image: Nicobass

Crystal Dynamics actually announced on 27th January 2021, that they will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Core Designs classic Tomb Raider series for the entire year! Meanwhile, they have centred their idea on theming each month around a different Tomb Raider game. I bet that got you thinking about how many there are? Well, not including the more unusual Tomb Raider games, there have been 10 in total. Including those completed between Core Designs and Crystal Dynamics.

Indeed, Lara Croft has been a strong figure for female gamers everywhere stemming all the way back to the 90s. With the strong character becoming the inspiration for so many girls to pluck up the courage to get involved in the male-dominated world of gaming. And we hope that on October 25th, 2021, those girls will pick up their controller again and dive back in to celebrate the success of Lara and what she meant for the industry.



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