RetroMania Wrestling- Overview & Opinions

RetroMania Wrestling- Overview & Opinions

Do you find yourself saying gone are the glory days of testosterone fervour, where fierce warriors compete for glory? Think again dear gamers. You’ll be pleased to know that a nostalgia-inducing game is on the horizon. One where you can fulfil your dreams of being the ultimate fighter.  Indeed, you’ll enjoy walking down memory lane at your favourite arcade of yesteryear with RetroMania Wrestling.

Pixels, Muscles, & Glamour, Oh My! 

RetroMania Wrestling is a one of a kind game inspired by the classic arcade titles of the 80s. In which players can choose from over 16 playable characters, to enact one’s deepest wrestling fantasies. 

Created by Mike Herman (Retrosoft Studios) and a number of other talents, the game has a vibrant atmosphere with detailed pixelation and sound effects. The fighting style is reminiscent of Super Nintendo entries such as Mortal Kombat. Making it smooth to the eye and easy for players to interact with. It also boasts some exciting features such as Battle Royales, and iconic wrestlers spanning over generations. 

As the game prepares for its physical release date in late 2021, more goodies for players and wrestling fans alike will be available. Including the ability to create your own original wrestling character. As well as grabbing more pro-wrestlers to lend their likeness to unlockable characters. 

The Team Behind Retromania

RetroMania Wrestling was created by a diverse crew from Retrosoft Studios led by Mike Herman. The team at Retrosoft Studios were heavily influenced by nostalgia for the 80s and 90s arcade games. At the same time, the team holds a shared passion for wrestling as a sport. 

RetroMania wrestling first look

Bill Stanton, who is best known for working on titles such as  Steel Harbinger on PS1 and Star Trek 25th Ann. on Gameboy (B&W) is the art director. Regarding his latest release, Bill has pulled sleepless day crunchers and directed three other artists on the team to make the dream come to life. Having done pixel art since the 90s, his artistic signature won’t go unnoticed. 

Our Opinion 

From its beautiful 2D pixel art and animated sprites to its nostalgic sound design, RetroMania Wrestling promises to be a great hit for those that have an undying passion for wrestling and a love for old school gaming platforms. The gameplay looks just as fun as it is strategic, and should be easy for players of all levels to pick up and go to the mat. 

RetroMania Wrestling was released digitally on February 26th 2021. However, there is a physical release due for some time in late 2021. At which point, the game will be available on The Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iiRcade, and Steam. 

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