George at Asda Selling Preloved Vintage Kilo

George at Asda Selling Preloved Vintage Kilo

After a successful trial in the Leeds Asda Superstore, George at Asda have decided to team up with Preloved. This partnership could result in great things for the environment as it pushes sustainability. By selling Preloved clothes, George will be encouraging regular shoppers to shop smart. This new move should work to keep used clothing out of landfills. Not only can normalising the purchase of used clothes help the environment, but it can also help the economy.

Preloved Vintage Kilo Clothing

With old styles coming back in fashion, vintage clothing is gaining popularity. To have an original piece of vintage 90s clothing is considered a bonus. In an attempt to reduce the population’s carbon footprint, Preloved Vintage Kilo was created to sell used clothing. Preloved Vintage Kilo was founded in 2016 for the sole purpose of reselling clothing to protect the environment.

preloved vintage kilo
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Preloved Vintage Kilo pride themselves on the volume of clothing they are able to sell at their events. Helping people save money whilst providing them with a new wardrobe. Teaming up with a retail giant like Asda will enable them to significantly boost the amount of clothes they are able to keep out of landfills. Preloved have so far been able to keep 800 tonnes of clothing from landfills, with that number set to increase dramatically.

George at Asda

George at Asda have been known as an affordable clothing manufacturer for many years, with sustainable clothing being at the forefront of their development. Mel Wilson, Global Professional Lead – Sustainable Sourcing and Quality at George has stated that they are now focusing on “encouraging everyone in the UK to think about the issues of waste”. George at Asda are now wanting to find ways to make textiles and fashion more circular in order to reduce the volume of garments being taken to landfills.

George have already trialed the concept in an Asda store in Leeds, to great success. Following this trial they have now begun developing plans to release Preloved clothing across 50 stores throughout the country. This venture is following the recently launch of a scheme designed to encourage customer to return their unwanted clothing to stores.

The Impact of Selling Preloved Clothes

Asda will be selling the clothing under the brand name PVW. This new move towards the sale of second-hand clothing could potentially save thousands of tonnes of used clothing from being dumped. George and Asda have said that they hope this new movement towards garment recycling with bring a “new lease of life” to pre-worn clothing.

PVW Asda
Image credit: Asda

They plan to release the PVW in-store sale section in large Asda stores across the country. This includes; Bristol, London, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, and many more. And they are not the only superstore to be making themselves more environmentally conscious. Other large clothing superstores have also begun to accept used clothing back for recycling, such as Primark and M&S.

Asda seems to be following in the footsteps of Selfridges. The upmarket chain teamed up with Vestiaire Collective in 2017, in order to sell second-hand garments. Not only this, but in early 2021 Ikea announced that they will be buying back and reselling used furniture.



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