Grime-Overview And Opinions

Grime-Overview And Opinions

Resident Evil, Dark Souls, and other triple-A titles featuring monsters and mayhem are notorious in the gaming world.  Have you ever wanted to go back to the basics with the horror genre, maybe with something less intense yet just as adrenaline pounding? Grime, an RPG with bite and beautiful surrealism might be up your alley – combining the best of horror, action, and art into one solidified piece. 

The Darkness + Shadow Of The Colossus = Grime

Grime is an action-adventure RPG sprinkled with horror, where players take control of a peculiar protagonist who has the ability to absorb enemies. The main objective of the game is to survive and explore, all the while weaponizing the traits of foes far and wide.

Grime boasts airborne combat and features skill tree progression levels allowing players to tailor the game to their strengths and weaknesses. The creatures and bosses you encounter bear resemblance to powerful foes from games such as Shadow of The Colossus (Team Ico, 2005) and The Darkness (Starbreeze Studios, 2007), with some mutating into more frightening critters like the B.O.W’s from Resident Evil (CAPCOM, 1996). 

The level designs are reminiscent of artistic works created by the likes of Salvador Dali and the Dada movement of the mid-1920s. The combination of 2-D and 3-D animation adds further intrigue, leaving curiosity as to what the overarching plot of the game is. 

The Team Behind The Game

Grime was created by Clover Bite with Akupara Games set to publish the title. 

The team of Clover Bite is composed of up and coming talents from Israel attending Tiltan School of Design, such as Grimes Production Manager & Programmer, Avishy Menashe who has been training for years at the university.  Many members of the team are new to the gaming industry, and are getting their first taste with Grime as their debut. 

Grime game

Akupara Games boasts veterans of the gaming world. Team members such as Cat Arthur (Senior Composer & SFX Artist) and Kyle Holmquist (Senior Writer & Narrative Designer), both worked on the hit indie game Whispering Willows with Holmquist respectfully having helped launch games such as Toy Odyssey: Lost & Found, Force of Elements, and Destiny Knights. 

The goal of these team members and the rest of Akupara is to provide support and guidance for others working on their own independent games. 

Our Opinion 

From its enchanting creepy atmosphere, to its unique approach to catering to the player’s experience, Grime holds promise to be a one of a kind RPG that will set itself apart from other side-scroll based games of its genre. For action and horror fans, it’ll see what you’re made of and let the rest fall to grotesque pieces. 

Grime has its debut set for 2021 for the PC with availability in the US and UK. The game has yet to be announced for the PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox consoles. Grime can also be added to the wish list on Steam accounts. A discord server is also available on the games promotional page. 

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