The Eden Project Creates a Geothermal Scheme

The Eden Project Creates a Geothermal Scheme

The European Union works with the European Regional Development Fund, Cornwall Council and Gravis Capital Management to fund a £16.8m new industrial research project. Their objective is to provide clean geothermal energy and generating heat to warm to biomes and buildings in Cornwall, England.

How It Works:

The Eden Project is currently in Phase One – there planned 5 objectives in this phase:

  1. To prepare & finalise the design and hire specialist services (this objective has been completed).
  2. Site works (Completed)
  3. To drill, complete, and test the first deep well (current objective)
  4. deploying the co-axial system along with installing a heat main to Eden.
  5. Providing heat production and green gas savings from the first well for 12 months.

The Drilling Of The First & Second Well

It has been reported that a 180.ft high drilling rig was on route towards the site mid-April; to be delivered in a week.  It will drill 4.5 kilometres straight down into the Earth’s granite crust and is estimated to take 5 months. When completed, it will allow water to be pumped down the hole to allow the hot rocks to warm it.

That hot water will be brought back up through a pipe suspended in the same hole – generating heat to warm the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, offices, kitchens and greenhouses. That water will also be recycled to be superheated and used again.

Image taken from the BBC

The completion of the first well means the Eden Project can begin work on a second well. A second well will also aim to drill down the same depth of the first one –allowing more heated water to come to the surface. A new form of electricity will be made and heating will be available for areas in close proximity. It is also planned for a plant to be built alongside the two.

What This Means Going Forward

With the possibility that fossil fuel energy will be replaced in the upcoming years, a renewable, clean power source sees a brighter future. With solar and wind energy looking to be a great replacement; the addition of this new, inventive alternative is one that assists in the saving of the planet. This is especially good in a world where climate change is becoming negative.

Gus Grand, Executive Director at EGL said:

‘’As a drilling technology, we believe geothermal is well placed to take advantage of the UK’s expertise developed in the North Sea, as energy companies pivot away from fossil fuels and toward a greener, better, future.’’

This also serves as an example to other environmental companies around the world. The Eden Project shows an innovation that still manages to retain a healthy goal. It helps support local businesses, displays the benefits of greenhouse gas savings and is Eco-friendly.

The Eden Project is expected to wipe out its carbon footprint with the exportation of renewable electricity and heat by 2023.



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