Educational and Inspirational Influencers

Educational and Inspirational Influencers

It can be tough to navigate life on the internet. In a 21st century world, our image reigns supreme, and our social media shines a spotlight on all that looks good. Consequently, we can often get lost in what looks good and lose the message we need to hear. However, nobody’s perfect and it’s important to remember that social media will sensationalise the good and the bad. As such, it’s important to remember that you’re not just viewing Something Important. You’re viewing Something Important with a thousand other factors. What you’re seeing might have #nofilter but it’s not to say there isn’t angles, lighting, smoke and mirrors at play.

Fear not, dear readers. There is, truly, a real world to be found within the magic. Wherein, usually, the beautiful assistants of the influencer world dazzle and shine, while the magician pulls the wool over our eyes. All you have to do is find out where to look. Remember that behind the algorithms lie people with thoughts, feelings and opinions. As a helpful starter, here are the educational and inspirational influencers we think everyone should follow. If nothing else, it will keep your mind ticking, when you’re lacking a little mental stimulation.


Designed to bridge the gap in the representation of women in media, Freeda has a message that hits home with millions. Interestingly, they have a focus on telling the stories behind real women, in order to inspire positive change. And their social media includes interviews with women who are out there kicking ass. They’re based in Italy, Spain and the UK – and their work is shared across the globe.

You can find sex-positive posts, first-hand experiences from women who have overcome hardship or created their own businesses and plenty of body-positive content, on their social media pages. They’re on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. They’re also on Twitter, although this sadly seems to have been neglected of late.

30 Something Single

Have you ever found yourself becoming enraged by overly familiar (to put it nicely) messages on dating apps? Yet you haven’t been able to articulate why? 30 Something Single is just the influencer you need to follow. Kate is fast becoming well-known for her honest outlook on life. She not only pops up some hilarious and, sometimes, heartbreaking content – but she provides insights into a single, 30-something world, too.

With every post in which she rejects a man for being.. well, pretty grim, she gives the ‘why’ behind her choices. For those of us who have had to deal with this previously, it’s empowering to know we’re not alone. For those who have yet to enter into the fray, it provides a solid education on what red flags to look out for, and how not to behave on a dating app.

How to Cook That – Arguably One of the Best Cooking Influencers

Ann Reardon is a qualified food scientist. In other words, she knows what works, when it comes to cooking, and can even say why, in great detail. On top of this, she’s also a certified dietician who enjoys explaining what works for your body, too. She started her YouTube channel back in 2011. But it wasn’t until she began debunking those irritating – and dangerous – viral videos that she really knocked things up a gear.

Her blog initially started as she had to stay up with her son, who was extremely unwell when he was born, every three hours. Her website helped her to keep her mind sharp, and the majority of her blogs were written with one hand – the other feeding her son. That’s impressive enough, as is. However, she goes one step further and showcases her foodie knowledge by creating delicious food that also happens to be low fat and healthy. All in all, Ann is a great choice for a humorous food blog that is fully backed up by science.

Karim Abouelnaga

Karim Adel Abouelnaga is the owner of Practice Makes Perfect – a business that creates partnerships between summer schools and individuals. These summer schools aim to help inner-city projects, which work with marginalised youth. It works in a similar way to the American “Big Brother/Sister” programme. Providing mentors for disadvantaged young people.

Karim himself is a big advocate for social entrepreneurship – a term used to describe a business that focuses on reducing inequality in society. He’s even released a book, called The Purpose Driven, which focuses on how to create a small business that helps others. Most of his content focuses on the stats behind his business model, and he offers some cracking content for business-focused social media users.

My Frugal Year – Best of Finance-Based Influencers

Claire Seal is the owner of this account, which provides real help for people struggling with their finances. She also runs a website that was “need for realistic, emotionally intelligent financial wellbeing conversation”. To put it another way, she’s providing people with the financial know-how to get out of tough situations. Considering we live in a world where financial inequality is growing, there’s no harm in following someone who knows their shit and wants to help.

Her Instagram page focuses on reducing the stigma that surrounds people with little-to-no disposable incomes. She often pops up stories based on the heartbreaking effects of debt and money troubles. And she works to shine a light around what you can, realistically, do to break free from debt. Indeed, as a site that often seeks to do the same, we can wholeheartedly recommend following Claire!



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