Hazel Sky-Overview And Opinions

Hazel Sky-Overview And Opinions

We all need a game that’s reminiscent of the childhood wonder we aspire to cling to in adulthood. Titles such as the Final Fantasy 7 remake and Cyberpunk 2077 are excellent in terms of plot. Even better, they’re appealing to nostalgia – but what about something more whimsical? Hazel Sky, a gorgeous game with a coming-of-age tale, is sure to pull at your heartstrings and inner child. Especially with its powerful world-building and characters. 

An Engineer, A Clicker, And A Chocobo Walk Into A Bar…

Hazel Sky is set in the world of Gideon where players take a journey with Shane. Our protagonist is a young boy who must pass trials to become an engineer or face banishment from his home. The objective of Hazel Sky is to guide Shane through his tests while dealing with adulthood themes such as creating your own destiny versus predetermination. 

Hazel Sky is a single-player game with unique camera angles and actions that add to discovering Gideon’s secrets. Players who are fans of The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, 2013), will find the mechanics reminiscent of playing Joel Miller from the said title. At least, in terms of exploration and finding items. Hazel Sky boasts mini-games such as playing the guitar with Shane and fixing up panels on airborne crafts among other pieces of machinery. 

The atmosphere of the game feels like a perfect blend between a Final Fantasy title and a studio Ghibli film (such as Castle In The Sky). Particularly with its steampunk elements and vivid environment. 

The Team Behind Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky was created by Coffee Addict Game Studio, with six developers working together in Brazil to make the game come to life. The company created another beautifully done indie game known as Blade & Bones. Which is an action RPG available on the PC and PS4. Unlike Hazel Sky, Blade & Bones is primarily combat-driven and not so heavy on the storytelling like its counterpart. 

hazel sky gameplay

Hazel Sky wouldn’t have come to life had it not been for Neon Doctrine (through Another Indie Game). This team have been assisting Coffee Addict Game Studio with publishing. At the same time, the company has helped other independent titles such as Jack Axe, Door of Insanity, and Vigil: The Longest Night to make their debut.

Neon Doctrine seeks to help developers and game studios, regardless of their country of origin or language barriers. The company’s primary goal is to publish games and expand the worldwide range of talent. Especially those that are largely untapped in the mainstream industry. 

Our Opinion of Hazel Sky

From its dreamy landscapes, to its philosophical take on adulthood, Hazel Sky promises to be a compelling title dealing with the complexities of growing up. You’ll find out what you’re made of and get a chance to change your stars alongside Shane. 

When Can I Play?

Hazel Sky is set to release later in 2021, with availability on the Switch. At the moment, the game can currently be added to wishlists via Steam Accounts. Hazel Sky will be released for other consoles, such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows sometime after its debut. 

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