Unmaze-Overview & Opinions

Unmaze-Overview & Opinions

Sometimes we need to give the console a break and unplug, or they do it for us (RIP to my PS3). Lovers of puzzlers may ask themselves what kind of game can they engage with now? What can gamers play that will stimulate their mind? Before anyone breaks out a sudoku puzzle or old-school crossword book, they may want to check out Unmaze -a visual novel piece set in a world of light and darkness. 

More About Unmaze

Unmaze is set in a world in which two boys are lost in a labyrinth and trying to find the exit. At first glance, it seems simple, but there is a catch: while the player helps one of the boys, the other will get lost. The objective is to help both kids survive all the while dealing with monsters and challenging puzzles. 

With Unmaze being a mobile platform, the mechanics are easy to digest for both pro and beginner players. Much of the interaction is based on dialogue and picking different actions to advance the plot. Unmaze has a unique feature integrating mobile phone sensors giving the player the ability to play as one of the boys during the day and the other at night, according to their timezone. 


Unmaze’s artistry is impeccable. The strong black and white visuals along with its complex backgrounds are reminiscent of the work “Relativity, 1954” by M.C. Escher. Players who are fans of comics with strong visual storytelling will admire Unmaze’s graphic novel spirit. 

The Team Behind the Unmaze Game

The creators of Unmaze are Thomas Cadène, Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart, Frédéric Jamain and illustrator Florent Fortin. These creators work for the company Hiver Prod which boasts additional indie games such as Emma, Ordesa, and Pyramiden. Each one carries its own artistic signature like Unmaze.

ARTE is one of the producers of the game. The company is a European-based culture channel, curating art and projects of significance to unite Europeans. Programs available on the channel range from different mediums of art such as dance, painting, and sculpture to name a few. The channel is broadcasted 24/7, reaching not only Europeans but a broader audience. 

Our Opinion

From its spellbinding style to its pick-up-and-go game mechanics, Unmaze is sure to be a captivating tale for any gamer. Those that appreciate storytelling and strong visuals will love trying to save our two protagonists from certain doom. If you decide to play, a word of caution: beware of the horned monsters lurking around the corner.

When Can I Play?

Unmaze has a planned release date for later in 2021. The game will be available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Players that have either an iOS or Android will be able to play the game on their device. 

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