City Of Gangsters: The Chess For Crooks

City Of Gangsters: The Chess For Crooks

The Roaches from Just Cause 2, The Commission from GTA IV, The Steelport Syndicate from Saints Row III. These are some of the best videogame syndicates we have ever faced – but now, it’s time to run your own. Welcome to City Of Gangsters – the strategy game where you build your own criminal empire.

What To Expect With City Of Gangsters

From Kasedo Games, the creators of Warhammer 40k Mechanicus and Project Highrise comes a game of empire building – mafia style. 

City of Gangsters is the game of administration and scheming – where every decision you make will impact your future. Your connections and choices in this game are a web; interconnecting to push your progress forward. Expect profit and consequences for which route you decide to go for and the timing of them. 

City Of Gangsters: The Chess For Crooks

The 1920s setting of the city is also a sight to see in this management simulator game. With an eagles-eye view of your future empire, you will explore neighbourhood to neighbourhood until you reach new places to conquer and new difficulties to beat. 

City of Gangsters Gameplay

The gameplay is reminiscent of resource management games, with a high degree of maintenance and planning ahead. There are 4 main mechanics that are important: Supply & Demand, Connections & Trust, Mafia Management, and Cops & Conflict.

Supply and Demand

As the name suggests, this mechanic is based on affording your inventory and meeting the demand for it. You can produce various alcohol; each becoming progressively more difficult to produce the higher the demand gets. The weather may also affect your alcohol production. For example, wine-making is more competitive in the winter due to those celebratory nights inside.

The importance of this mechanic rests on your adaptability, as well as a keen eye on what your buyers want. Not to mention whether or not you can deliver. Having high supply in a high-demand situation is always a win-win.

Connections and Trust

As mentioned before, your empire is a web that must expand and maintain. With various dialogue options, you can pursue connections through people you know, who in turn could recommend others, and so on.

Building relationships with your clients and connections throughout each neighbourhood can be profitable, and allow you to explore other routes previously locked to you. Your neighbour whom you’ve built a friendship with can give a good word to a known smuggler they’re also friends with, thus expanding your territory. Their vouching can also give you additional benefits, like trust, if you’re looking for a higher investment from them.

City Of Gangsters: The Chess For Crooks

Patience and trust are also highly important. Your new connection might take too long with a favour you asked them to do, or may not be making as much money as you expected. In this case, you could cut them out or wait and hope the result pays off.

Your connection web might even grow well enough for you to gain influence in the district. You can use that influence to strong-arm others for protection money, which will build up your accounts, and expand your empire further. If someone doesn’t pay the protection money, you might want to send a message that may persuade them to change their mind.

Mafia Management

Sometimes you need to start thinking about the infrastructure of your empire. You’ve got the supply and demand sorted and the connections are at your fingertips, but now you need a running system. Let’s say you’re looking to make counterfeit wine; how do you get from point A to point B?

The game allows you to sort your crew out; deciding where to get the grapes, who will make the counterfeit labels, and who will make the deals to sell it. Many of your hired crew will have different strengths and weaknesses, and it will be your job to make sure you know who’s right for each task.

City Of Gangsters

Vehicle and storage management also comes into play. For vehicles, it’s about deciding whether you want a fast car that can carry less or large trucks that are slower but carry more. Your vehicle’s journeys can also take a toll, meaning you’ll pay for mechanical expenses – which can be costly. Storage management requires you to build warehouses to store any extra inventory for the future. This is great for when you want to stockpile for high demand.

Cops and Conflict

Success can also attract failure. The empire you build subsequently can bring some police attention your way – arresting or confiscating your assets. There’s only one way to keep the heat off; by cooling them down with some good ol’ cash.

But you can’t just go to a cop and be like “here’s some moolah, leave us alone” – that’ll get you arrested… This is where connections come into play; if the chief of a precinct has a relationship with one of your allies, you can leverage that to arrange a meeting. With a meeting, you can build a relationship with that chief, and come to an arrangement. With luck and skill, they’ll roll over and you’ll have to manage that running arrangement for as long as possible.

Conflict is based on businesses in your territory not paying protection, as well as other gang war-related activities. Meaning you may find the problematic businesses work for small hooligans, or rival gangs may raid your operations. As such, it’s your job to assert your power. Can’t have your friendly neighbourhood baker deny you that bread (both the cash type and savoury type)

Gang wars are tough. You find more and more powerful rivals moving in on your turf or ruining operations as time goes by. To combat this you can strike fast and strike hard, but be wary as these gangs are armed and dangerous. Ambushing them in the cover of night is the best way to take care of them, but be prepared for a vendetta from their side. Prepare yourself for blood, because this is war and you’ll be betting on the right horse… yourself.

The Story of City of Gangsters

It is the start of the 1920 Prohibition in the USA – the 18th Amendment. With a large portion of the economy outlawed, this is the time for criminals to shine. smugglers, black marketers, thugs; your dreams of an empire start now.

You, the player, arrive into this city of Opportunity​ looking to make it to the big leagues. As a small fish, you need to work your way through the criminal underground with connections and power to create your syndicate.

But you have to spend money to make money and bet on decisions that could benefit or risk everything. ​For the sake of your empire, you’ve got to be willing to start small and grow big. Time for this fish to become the king of the seas.

Our Opinion

Kasedo Games has gone all out with this game. We’re astonished by the varying mechanics that surround City Of Gangsters. From the multiple choices to the various connections and strategies, this game is looking to be a great test of empire building. The setting of the 1920 Prohibition is a unique one. To be able to take advantage of the new city order into your own personal syndicate is going to be fun.

Players will have their hands full whilst they plan from one decision to the next. All of this is done in hopes that they grow from a new guy in the city to the kingpin of alcohol. With the dynamic time and day setting, players will have to adapt or die to the rising challenges that come their way every day. I think this game is looking to be a fine addition to the genre of strategy games, especially with all the new ways to experiment and test your inner crime lord.

So grab your newly tailored trench-coat and your stylish Italian fedora – because this is the city of gangsters… your city to be exact.

City Of Gangsters is expected to release in 2021 on Steam.



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