God Strike – Time’s Running Out

God Strike – Time’s Running Out

“Time is like an ocean in a storm”. Familiar words for those who played Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, but they ring true here as well. Every second. no, every breath you make… can mean the difference between life and death. This is God Strike – the game where time is money… and your life force.

What to Expect

Creators of Intergalactic Transfer Station, OverPower Team bring you a twin-stick shooter of time-keeping and fast reflexes. Run, shoot, repeat – That’s what most games of this genre ask right? not in this game! You can run, but don’t expect to get far. You can shoot, but don’t expect an infinite range. As for repeating – do so at your peril.

God Strike demands perfection.

Whilst most boss fights can last for as long as you want to, God Strike offers no such comfort. Time is everything to you, and you must calculate every second with each action you choose to make. You have to analyse your enemy, think of your action, and then execute it in a strict time frame. It’s time to let out your inner ninja and think fast.

Gameplay of God Strike

Geometry Wars meets Cuphead in this crazy bullet storm gauntlet. The twin-stick, bullet hell shooter is a classic genre revived in this hectic videogame. But here’s where it gets better. You’re not fighting low-level hordes; you’re going mano a mano in an arcade mode style of boss fights.

That’s right, there are no henchmen, no cannon fodder for you to hack and slash – just you and your targets. But these bosses need none of that. Each foe you face is unique and difficult in its own way; each with different strengths, weaknesses, terrain, and phases. And to add to the fun, just because you deplete a health bar, doesn’t mean the boss is dead… just angrier than last time.

Bosses aren’t the only concern you have – timing may be your greatest strength, but time is your biggest weakness. Each boss fight is timed, the time varies depending on the difficulty and boss fight – but that isn’t the only problem.
Time IS your health bar – each second bringing you closer to death and the edge of your seat. With each hit you take, a portion of your time is reduced and so it is essential to avoid damage. Once the time is depleted, you’re on borrowed time (literally) – one more hit in this stage is instant death.

You Got The Power

In God Strike you don’t just have your bullet storm of cannon, but can access two types of powers: Arcane and Occult codexes. It’s nice to know you’re not using a simple pea shooter to take these bosses down. Arcane powers can be activated in battle, much like special moves that can tip the scales in your favour. Though it’s worth noting that you can only equip a certain amount of powers based on what level you’re on.

There are a variety of different Arcane powers you can mix and match with. Which will ensure your gameplay feels different in every fight you play. However, each power you pick reduces your time limit – so choose wisely. Examples of Arcane powers you can pick are Herald Step, Arcane Shield, Future Rhythm, and others.

Occult powers are passive buffs – These don’t need activation and buff the player. Examples of Occult powers include Reaper, Faster Than Light, Void, and others.

The Story of God Strike

The storyline in God Strike is pretty simple as it is more gameplay-based. The synopsis shows the protagonist, Yissia, wearing the Mask of Talaal to defeat the chaotic god-like beings known as Heralds. They must stop the Heralds from corrupting the world of Eonora. It is very reminiscent of Klang 2’s story.

God Strike Game overview and opinions
Image from Gamepur.

There are quotes before the start of each boss fight from Talaal that hint towards the lore of the world. There is a lot of intrigue and mystery in the world of Eonora. One has to wonder what exactly is the Mask of Talaal? and why are the Heralds corrupting the world? Do they serve a higher purpose or a higher being?

Our Opinion

With spectacular gameplay and difficulty to rival Cuphead, God Strike looks to be another great addition to strategic combat games. With a challenging gauntlet of duels against god-like beings of unstoppable power, you best be focused.

The enemies in the game are no joke; no one boss is the same – forcing you to adapt or die. The designs of each one are fascinating to us, and to see that practicality in use is a beautiful mechanic. Movement, attacks, weaponry, and weaknesses; these Heralds are both impressive and to be feared. 

The story in our opinion is the weaker aspect of this game and has had a mixed response. Though we’d also like to say “not every game needs a story, it can just be enjoyable non-narrative entertainment”.

Indeed when we look at this game, we can see it’s one big test of skill and change. Therefore we can look at the positives; nailing the gameplay and challenges that come with it is tremendously satisfying. However, as there is lore present in the game, we would like for OverPowered Team to expand on it – what drives our protagonist? What are each Heralds’s motivation and backstory? These are the things we’d like to know.

Where Can I Get It?

God Strike was released last month on the 15th of April 2021. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. At the time of writing, you can grab a copy of the game for the price of £11.39 on PC. As well as for £10.55 ($14.99) on the Switch.



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