Endling- Extinction Is Forever

Endling- Extinction Is Forever

Humanity has ravaged the world, and an apocalypse has erupted. But we’re not talking about the zombie or Mad Max variety, this is desolation for a majestic animal – the fox. That’s right; this is the first apocalypse game where you play in the eyes and body of a fox. Survive the fox-pocalyse in Endling – the game of protective motherhood in a world where humans are the monsters.

What To Expect

Herobeat studios bring their first-ever game to life in this voyage of maternal love. If an adventure is what you want, an adventure is what you’ll get. Expect strategy and journey in Endling – as each level will see you adapting to new challenges and innovation.

Endling creates a beautifully broken world similar to the real-life issues of ours. Hunting, pollution, scavenging – These are but a few problems that are looked over far too often by us humans.  But through the eyes of a fox – we see a world torn asunder by selfishness and human folly.

endless gameplay

With an art style reminiscent of Sky and Journey, this world is gorgeously painted in vibrant colours, only to contrast the darkness and dangers the game portrays. Herobeat Studios have breathed a nuance into the design of Endling that is indescribable – this is a beautiful game that emphasises our failures ironically through eye-popping colours.

The Story Of Endling

In Endling, you play the last mother fox on Earth hoping to survive on a planet plagued by mankind. You find that one of your cubs has been taken and must track them down to reunite your family. But that’s not all, accompanying you will be 3 other cubs that are the last of your line. It is imperative that they survive, lest you face heartbreak and extinction.

In the game, humans are the main antagonist and they seek to obtain valuable resources from the earth. In doing so, they have upset the balance of nature and the ecology of the world hangs on a thread. The humans will attempt to capture you and your pups, but you must defend your babies to your last breath.

Endling Gameplay

Endling is a 3D side-scrolling world game, in which your main mission is survival. Here you can hunt, track, and guide your pups. You can watch them grow and show them how to survive. Basically do what any good parent would do – but replace the ‘hunt’ with ‘shop’.

As the mother of your adorable babies, you must provide and care for your younglings. That means feeding and carrying them as well as knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Rabbits tend to be the prey you can go for, but catching them is easier said than done. Being a natural predator, you can find sneaky ways to hunt, such as ambushing in the shrubs.

endless gameplay

Tracking allows you to smell the scent of your lost pup. This is indicated with a purple cloud in the background followed by a tracking line. Following the scent can lead you to dropped items; interacting with these items will reveal the story of what happened at the time when it was dropped.  We’re not sure if foxes can flashback to crimes Unbreakable-style, but we’re not complaining.

Players will also need to keep their little ones close. You will find that with each level completed, the pups will grow and learn from you (like any child). Traveling at night can be dangerous due to traps and other predators, but the daylight isn’t much safer with an even more dangerous foe… mankind.

endless gameplay

But these aren’t the only dangers; there are more strategic obstacles in your way. Large ponds are an example of this; if one of your cubs is unable to swim, you’ll need to carry them across the water whilst remaining aware of the others and your surroundings.

Our Opinion

With what we have seen in the game’s alpha stage, we are thoroughly impressed. The game tackles the genre of eco-consciousness through the life of animals that live through our mistakes. We are intrigued to play through the story of retrieving the last of the protagonist’s line. We like the concept of having to wander into the unforgiving world or face extinction.

The gameplay – although simple looking – is all that is needed for an adventure like this. With the mechanics of hunting, protecting, stealth, and cautiousness; we will be playing through the actual life of an endangered species and their rightful fear of humanity.

Also, we think the 3 pups are adorable and we will do anything to protect them. With their different strengths and weaknesses, we will definitely have no favourites here (or at least try not to). Whatever the case, we expect these pups to pull their weight eventually and form a wolfpack (or shall we say ‘Fox-pack?’)

Endling is coming soon on Steam, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  



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