The Best Motorbike Rain Gear

The Best Motorbike Rain Gear

Summer never promises to be full of sunshine. And heatwaves disappear after just one or two weeks – even if this is the perfect timescale for an epic road trip. Yet we’re always due months of wind, rain and snow. As such, it’s important for cyclists to wear the best motorbike rain gear in order to protect themselves against the elements. Yet, with all the different options out there, how can you be sure you’re getting the most appropriate rain gear for motorcyclists. The kind that offers you protection and resistance against the wind and rain- all while ensuring you’re able to stay visible to other drivers? Well, you can start by reading this article! 

We’ve taken the time and energy to do all the research necessary for you, so you don’t have to bog your brain down with information-overload. Take a look below for our buying guide and answers to your FAQ’s. And be sure to check out our top picks. All so you can feel safe in the knowledge you’re getting the best motorcyclist rain gear for you. 

#1 Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Our top offering is designed for any active sport, not just motorcyclists. This lightweight, wind-resistant and waterproof outfit is the best motorcycle rain suit out there. The three layers of non-woven fabric allow you to get into as much mud, mess and fun as you like. With multiple adjustable areas to help you keep a comfortable, yet mud-resistant fit, you’ll be comfortable and dry on your rides. 

FROGG TOGGS Mens Classic All-sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit: Clothing

These motorcycle rain suits also come in multiple sizes, to help you choose the best fit, as well as different designs. So you can choose brighter, more reflective clothes- or keep a more camouflaged look, if you prefer. 

Customers love how this rain suit for motorcycle riders can easily fit over your clothes, comfortably. All the while remaining waterproof and wind-resistant. They also like the lightweight aspect. Especially since it means you can easily stick these in storage and take them with you on a day out, without being weighed down by unnecessary baggage. Perfect for full day trips or longer, when you aren’t sure of the weather ahead!

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Elastic waist and adjustable leg openings

#2 Nelson Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit

This waterproof motorcycle suit is a little thicker than our number one selection. This can take away from the suit since that means it is no longer considered lightweight, however, the added thickness means this can be a little cosier to wear and better at keeping you warm on those cycles requiring a little less movement during riding. 

The hi-vis motorcycle rain jacket helps keep you visible during those cloudy, foggy and rainy days, to reduce the risk of getting into any accidents and the adjustable cuffs and waistband ensure you stay nice and dry. Meanwhile, this rain suit for motorcycle riders comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be sure you’re buying quality rain wear.

Some customers have mentioned having some issues with this suit when consistently riding at high speeds. But, for most road riders, the reviews mention how this rain suit performs better than some of the more expensive competitors. 

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof
  • Elasticized waist, cuffs and boot stirrups
  • 2 year warranty

#3 Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Jacket, Women’s

Another option for women’s motorcycle rain gear and Frogg Toggs second entry to our list is the women’s all-purpose rain suit. This option is all about comfort, with comfort elastic bands, extended length and shock-cord adjustments, this is an easy-to-use motorcycle rain coat and pants that you can slip on, adjust and go. No fussing and no need to break your piggy bank- this outfit gives plenty of value for your money and this is a fact that hasn’t been missed by shoppers.

FROGG TOGGS All Purpose Rain Jacket, Women's: Clothing

This is an extremely lightweight option that comes in at around 16 ounces, give or take a little depending on how it’s been packaged. You might think that this means the fabric is flimsy or struggles under wet weather but there have been multiple comments as to how this has surprised customers with it’s shocking ruggedness.

There has been mentions of this outfit being a little noisy, although this can change over time and the material breaks in. Of course, if you’re out on the road, you might not be too fussed about the noise, once you have your helmet on!

Key Features

  • Fitted 
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective sections

#4 Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear – Two Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit

Viking Cycle’s first and only entry on our list consists of a motorcycle overcoat and pants pairing. They describe this rain gear as “no-nonsense” for riders who “are focused on their destination” and we can see why. The somewhat plain yet sensible rain suit has reflective sections and a heat shield around the calves. While looking decent enough that you aren’t concerned you might look out-of-place on the roads. 

They’re missing some of the unique extras that could make this option stand out amongst the others but, overall, this is the perfect motorcycle rain gear that gives great value for money and keeps your riding simple. Unlike most of the offerings here, they also give customers multiple, deep pockets which makes this the ideal rain suit for those who need to jump from place to place, while staying dry and secure. 

Key Features

  • Heat shield on calves
  • Reflective sections
  • Waterproof

#5 Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

This is our first look at gloves, so far and these chunky submissions are the highest rated for good reason! Your hands will always be the first thing you raise in order to protect yourself, in case of a fall or slip, and these gloves are superb at keep them safe.

The first of many layers is the cowhide, which offers some great protection, should you (heaven forbid) fall from your bike or skid. These are surprisingly supple, and even come pre-curved- perfect for any finger-work you might need to do while riding. The inner-lining tops off the comfort with 100G Thinsulate. Meanwhile, dotted throughout is the leather reinforcements which is suitably backed-up with knuckle-armour. Meaning you’re guaranteed to protect your hands from most, serious damage. Finally, they have a great, gel palm that helps to dissipate the vibrations which can cause your hands to become numb over longer periods. 

best motorbike rain gear

Naturally, with so many layers and so much thickness to the gloves, they aren’t ideal for breathing/ventilation and your hands can get a little clammy if you’re riding for an extended period of time. However, they do fit well and offer some amazing protective features, so these are great additions to any motorcycle rain gear collections. 

Key Features

  • Cowhide outer
  • Integrated knuckle-armour
  • Vibration dissipating gel palm

#6 FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

These boots a great addition to any selection of motorbike outfits. Waterproof and sturdy, they offer fantastic support across both the foot and the calf, without being too squashed or narrow- which is unfortunately the case with many competitors, who layer up to the point of pinching the foot of customers. 

Customers love how these shows don’t need to be broken in, due to the supple full-grain, oil-treated upper lining and Drytex inner lining (which is both breathable and waterproof). They also love the way they can be confident around almost any water without having to worry about leaks or any mud coming in. 

Forma FORC50 W-9938 Adventure Low WP Motorcycle Boots CE Approved, Black,  42: Shoes & Bags

Adjusting these boots to fit is easy, with the buckles across various points of the shoe and the padding essential areas, such as around the shin and ankle, make this one of the most comfortable motorcycle boots on the market. 

Key Features

  • Ankle reinforcements
  • Extra-soft padding
  • Gear-pad protection

#7 Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

The second and final choice of waterproof motorcycle boots on our list is AlpineStar’s CE certified biker boots. Juxtaposed with the many layers of leather and memory foam, these boots are made of synthetic material and an ergonomic fit. Providing the same level of comfort, created in a different manner. 

Alpinestars Nc, Men's Motorcycle Boots: Shoes & Bags

The side-wrapping design helps to keep the most fragile feet and ankles safe on the road, as the vulcanised compound sole has been created to withstand life on the road. Priding itself on the cosy and weather-proof boots, the Gunner motorcycle boot is sturdy while maintaining a good level of comfort.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic
  • Alpinestars’ exclusive vulcanized compound sole
  • CE Certified

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

There’s naturally going to be a few key factors when looking into buying your rain gear for using on a motorbike, compared to general waterproof attire. First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure your items fit over your normal motorbike gear. While your first layer is for safety, the weatherproof stuff should be more focused on keeping you dry and warm. You’ll also need to check the level of safety on the weatherproof layer. Even though you’re already covered, you’ll need to ensure that the fit, material or sizing doesn’t catch anywhere it shouldn’t. 


The material can make a huge difference here, and there’s plenty of options around that. Most of the above use nylon with waterproof coatings, but you also have the option of treated leather and various textiles. Of course, the best of these options uses a mix-and-match of each type, using one fabric type to best match where it lays on the body, versus another that has more contact with the bike itself. 


The best waterproof rain gear will be CE approved or certified, and preferably come with a good few recommendations from your fellow bike riders, who will have tried and tested the products, and can easily indicate where it’s flaws may lie. 

Reflective Surfaces

Next, it’s best to try and get a coat, suit or one-piece that have a good level of reflective surfaces. Most waterproof gear will offer, at the very least, reflective piping around the seams- yet, naturally, the more visible you are, the safer you’ll be. So, it’s always a good idea to try and buy an item that has a noticeable colour, or lots of reflective material dotted around. 


Don’t forget to think about the level of comfort, when buying your motorcycle rain gear. It’s inconvenient and annoying to become sweaty, clammy or feel a little claustrophobic when wearing items that aren’t breathable, adjustable or easy to remove. Good quality clothing should have decent material, or a system in place to stop you from feeling manky. 


Finally, you’ll want an item that has been well-made. The last thing you need during the wet and windy weather is a suit, or other item of clothing, that falls apart the minute it comes up against any resistance. Riding a bike leaves you open to the elements and any reputable seller should take that into consideration during production. 

Why You Should Use the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle waterproof over jackets are a key component in staying safe on the road during bad weather. With car accidents being much more likely in the rain, it may not be you who causes the accident, but it doesn’t mean it might not happen. Staying warm, dry and visible will certainly help you keep your concentration, as well as being clearly seen on the roads, therefore making your risk of getting into an accident much lower. Not to mention that staying dry and warm will ensure you don’t catch yourself a nasty cold!

Not only that, but when items such as boots and gloves are designed to be weatherproof, you’re much less likely to slip, miss a gear change or lose your grip. Naturally, this can stop a brief moment from turning into catastrophe. A lot of the items above have added grips and means to comfort you during your ride, which can lead to a safer outing and keep you from harm. 

You’ll also need to find items that match your riding style. A one-piece might not flap in the wind and can be a lot more snug around your full body- but this can easily become a pain if you’re likely to want to take long rides or head out on a day trip. A two-piece, however, is more flexible. They offer the ability to partially strip down when required and usually come with more convenient pockets and adjustability. Of course, they have more areas that can catch the wind and any areas that aren’t covered are likely to leak water in. 

Rain Gear vs. Waterproof Riding Gear

The simplest way to indicate the difference between rain gear and waterproof gear is that the rain gear tends to be thicker, sturdier and more complicated to get off. Meanwhile, waterproof gear is light, foldable and can be packed away easily, as well as easy to put on and remove. 


Q: How do I measure myself for the best motorbike rain gear?

Always measure yourself after you put on the clothes you usually wear, when riding. You might find that you need different sizes for winter and summer. Mostly due to the fact that you’ll be wearing different clothing types around those times of year.

Stand naturally and place a cloth tape (or tailors measuring tape) around the largest part of your chest, then take the reading. Do the same thing around your waist, if you are a woman, or around your belly if you are a man and take the reading again. 

For the pants, you’ll need to be aware that most motorbike pants will sit higher than your average pair of jeans and, as such, will need to measure from the top of your hips. Don’t forget to take the measurement over the clothes you normally wear. 

For the inseam, you’ll need to wear your normal clothes and start the measurement at your crotch area, then drag the tape down to your ankle and take the measurement from there. 

Q: Are your rainsuits designed to go over normal clothing?

Most rain suits are designed to go over normal clothing. So, they usually take your motorcycle gear into account when looking at size and fit. This is because the first layer you should be wearing is all about your safety and protecting your most fragile points. The rain suits and waterproof gear is designed to keep you dry and the weather outside of your clothing. 

Q: How do I know what size gloves to order? Can I measure?

Gloves should follow the standard sizes, although you may notice that some customers will recommend you get a size up or down, depending on the brand and material type. 

Q: How should I care for my motorcycle rain gear?

Hand wash and dry all rain gear in order to maintain its waterproof integrity. Washing machines and dryers can cause the coating to break and therefore lose their weatherproofing capabilities. 

Our Top Pick 

With its ability to potentially save you from hours of clean up, the Frogg Toggs All-Sport rain suit ensures your capacity to stay out, play and get some great distance behind you. Without worrying if the weather will turn. Because, when it does, you’ll be ready with a lightweight and versatile clothing option. More importantly, it’s one that will keep you covered from wind, rain and mud. Not to mention that, with its great price tag, this is definitely a great option for any rider with any budget. 



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