Blood Moon Expected in the US & Australia

Blood Moon Expected in the US & Australia

A Super Blood Moon will be accompanying a Lunar Eclipse between 4:18am – 4:32am PDT on Monday 26th, 2021. Astronomers have calculated that a Lunar eclipse due to take place later today will cause the moon to become larger and bright, with a red hue. This is known as a Super Blood Moon. Here is everything you need to know before the event occurs.

When is the Lunar Eclipse Taking Place?

A Lunar Eclipse will be taking place on May 26th 2021.

The full eclipse process will take place over four hours between 1:47-5:50am PDT or 9.47am-1.50pm BST.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse is the result of the Moon’s orbit causing it to pass through the earth’s shadow. When this happens the moon appears darker than usual. This is different from the normal moon cycle because it is a temporary effect that only lasts between 10-20 minutes. Though the entire process of an eclipse takes place over several hours.

What is a Super Blood Flower Moon?

There are many different types of moons we can expect to see throughout the years. The Super Flower Blood Moon is a rare occurrence, combining both three things: a Blood Moon, a Super Moon, and a Flower Moon.

A Blood Moon is a result of the moon being completely shadowed by the Earth during a Lunar Eclipse. This means the only light the moon received is from the Earth itself. But Earth’s atmosphere acts as a natural blue light filter, meaning the only light left to reach the Moon gives it a red hue.

The Flower Moon is usually the fifth full moon of the year and is the full moon that takes place in May. As you could expect, the Flower Moon is named for its arrival during the spring season when the flowers start to bloom.

A Super Moon comes from the Moon’s proximity to the planet during the full moon phase. When a full moon passes the planet closely it appears much larger and brighter than usual. Therefore earning its name.

When Will the Blood Moon Happen?

The Super Blood Moon portion of the eclipse will be taking place at 4:11-4:25am PDT or 12:18-2:32pm BST

Where Can The Blood Moon Be Seen From?

This will not be visible in the UK sadly. Only those in New Zealand, Australia, East Asia, and parts of the western United States and western South America will be able to see any part of this eclipse.

The central US and east coast will see partial phases of the eclipse, and the totality stage will be visible only for the western US states. Sadly, the Moon will set in the west, turning red for most of the United States except for 11 states on or near the West Coast. 

This eclipse is the most visible from the Pacific Ocean region, with New Zealand and Australia having the best sight of the Blood Moon as it will be high in the sky for them.

The Best Spots to View The Eclipse in The US:

A guide to the whereabouts of the eclipse was provided by Forbes with a few recommendations of where best to see the night sky containing the Blood Moon.

  • The Southwestern Sky of Texas: 6:11-6:25 a.m CDT.
  • The Southwestern Sky of Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, and Idaho: 5:11-5:25 a.m MDT.
  • Mid-level in the Southwestern Sky of California, Washington, Arizona, OregonNevada: 4:11-4:25 a.m PDT.

Watch A Live Feed of The Super Flower Blood Moon

For those that can’t see the Super Flower Blood Moon because of your position on the planet, the BL Network has created a live feed of the event for all to enjoy. Watch the live feed below:

Credit: BL Network Youtube


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