5 Mobile Games That Are Genuinely Fun

5 Mobile Games That Are Genuinely Fun

Normally when we think of gaming, we think of PC or consoles. However, mobile gaming is catching up to the big leagues. It is estimated that “by 2022 the global game market is set to reach £196 billion, and the mobile gaming market will account for $95.3 billion of that alone”. This means that mobile gaming has become an important part of the gaming economy and a worldwide sensation. Here we will be looking at 5 mobile games that are genuinely fun and what makes them so great.

Why Are Mobile Games So Popular?

Remember when you were bored on a long-distance journey, or waiting for someone to pick you up? And the only thing you had on you was your mobile phone. You might also remember playing the iconic Snake if you were old enough. Well, there’s a reason.

Mobile games are easy to access (if you have it downloaded and meet its requirements) you can practically play the game anywhere. Unlike the console or PC, you can’t shove the device in your pocket and pull it out, when in need of some entertainment. In addition, most mobile games are becoming as ambitious as their upgraded counterparts in terms of graphics, story and gameplay. Unmaze is the latest example of this trend.

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Almost everyone worldwide at least owns some form of mobile device whether it be a tablet or a phone. This means that anyone with those devices can access app stores; allowing them access to a catalogue of various games. With a large number of any target audience at their disposal, mobile game developers have an easier time appealing to them.

What Makes a Great Game?

  • Accessibility – catering to a wide range of impairments – colour blindness, hearing impaired, etc.
  • Lack of ads – the less interruption on our screen time, the better.
  • Replayable/Addictive – if we can’t stop putting our phones away, the game draws our attention. If the game has a great story or multiple endings, it’ll draw the reader back to it eventually.
  • Low cost/Free to play – we all know a free game is quite the incentive. If that game is cheap but delivers in content, it may be worth the cost to drop some change into.
  • Graphics – whether it be hyper-realistic graphics or fun, colourful cartoonish vibes, the game should reflect the tone of its setting. Especially if it pushes past the expectations of mobile games.


A 2015 text-based adventure mobile game developed by Three Minute Games, this is the story of tension and choices. Here the player is not the protagonist, but rather the saviour. You must guide Taylor, an astronomist who crashed their spaceship on a hostile moon of aliens.

Through text Taylor contacts you, and you must respond in the correct way to help them survive and escape. What is unique about this game is that it bases Taylor’s responses in real-time. Taylor will need to eat, sleep, and complete tasks, and you have to wait for their response. The anxiety can go for days as you check-in and only see [Taylor is busy].

If you’re the type who loves suspense and thrills, this is a must-have. The game has a chilling story of reliance, patience and quick thinking. With every choice possibly being your last, there is a 50/50 chance between life and death for Taylor.

Taylor also feels alive in this game; with each response made to you vastly organic and human-like. Fear, panic, sarcasm and other emotions are all seen as you make dialogue with this stranded survivor.  You feel a sense of accomplishment or guilt whenever Taylor succeeds or fails.

The game has zero ads, meaning that you can play freely without interruption. It also doesn’t need an online connection to play like most mobile games; therefore you can play it in the middle of nowhere.

Lifeline is available on Android and iOS currently for £0.89.

Among Us

One of the most highly talked about games of the past few years, Among Us is the game of trust, secrecy, and anxiety. Set in space, players are divided into 2 factions: Crewmates and Imposter/s. Crewmates have to fulfil various tasks to stay alive, whilst imposters have to kill enough of the crew without exposure.

The best way to describe this game is if the Xenomorph from Alien looked like you, and you were stuck with it. With the ability to vote crewmates out of the airlock, even the innocent aren’t safe as any distrust will certainly lead to their death. It’s a hide and seek with a killer alien onboard… so no pressure.

Among Us offers a wide variety of customisations to your look and gameplay to keep things interesting. The multiplayer experience is kept alive when microphones and text are disabled during gameplay, and dead men tell no tales. With the constant hype around it, you can ensure you’ll find a lobby at any time.

The game is free to play with Android and iOS and the adverts aren’t in your face – except at the end of a match when you’re not playing. What’s innovative about this game is its cross-play ability, allowing you to play with PC players as well. Friends and families are all welcome to distrust each other more with this sci-fi extravaganza.

It’s also pretty addictive as well! Depending on the length of your matches, you may find hours of your time invested before you even realise it. The various maps and updates coming soon will ensure this game stays fresh on your playlist for long.

Survival RPG: Lost Treasure Adventure Retro 2d

Ok so the title is a mouthful and needs some work, but never judge a book by its cover. From Bew Games inc. comes a colourful survival game with a nostalgic retro feel. It’s time to explore, survive, and escape.

Minecraft meets Pokémon in this mash-up game of adventure and danger. The game’s story has you crash your ship on an island and now releasing your inner Bear Grylls to make it through the nights. But you can’t leave yet – not until you find the treasure of riches and glory.

The game features so many fun and experimental mechanics to keep you entertained for a long time. Players can obtain items, craft defences and weapons, and tools to break through puzzle-based obstacles. With monsters and creatures creeping at night and in caves, you need to keep on pushing through thick and thin to success.

With shelter building, other islands to explore, and boss fights to encounter, you can bet this game will give you weeks of entertainment. Best of all, the ads are optional, reward you for doing so, and it’s not a pay to win. Expect a nice challenge of strategy that you can do at your own pace and time.

Lost treasure is currently free to play and available on Android and iOS.

House Flipper

An oddly satisfying house renovating simulator – House Flipper takes what is normally a strenuous task into something relaxing. Sure when we hear “renovating simulator” it doesn’t sound fun, but PlayWay SA managed to find a way.

With top-notch graphics that you would find on a console, you work your way decorating and renovating a house to your design. The place at first is filthy and broken down; you can change that through a big makeover.

Plastering, painting, taking out the trash, mopping – these are but the basics. This game will help bring out your inner decorator as you fulfil various tasks and level up to a master builder. There is so much to do, and that’s what makes it addictive.

With so many ways to experiment and rebuild, no house will ever be the same – great practice if you’re looking to do the same in real life. Earning cash allows you to collect unique paints, materials and furniture to use, but be prepared to budget accordingly.

You can easily get lost in this time-sink of a game. You will inspect every detail for grime and damage, analysing the best place to put your comfy chair, and finding the curtains to match the drapes. If you’re looking to live in a perfectly flipped house, this is all the planning you need.

It is currently free to play and available on Android and iOS.

The Room

Last on our list is the critically acclaimed puzzle game, The Room. Winner of many awards such as Ipad Game of the Year by Apple Inc. and Best British Game from BAFTA – you’re in for a treat. The game was made in 2012 and still holds up even today.

Fireproof Games’ masterpiece of a game is the ultimate app for puzzle solvers. The Room presents the player with a series of strange puzzle boxes that feature a number of physical mechanisms. The plater is challenged to figure out how to open each one.

Image Taken from Vice.com

The Room is a very hands-on game; requiring you to mimic a variety of motions with the touchscreen. Locking, turning keys, activating switches – these are part of the mechanics you can do. With its realistic graphics, spine-tingling sound and immersive gameplay, you get that sensation of realism as if you were inside the game itself.

The creepy mystery and obsession with the boxes are what draws you back into the game. You NEED to complete this puzzle and will come back to it no matter the difficulty. Players will find this a compelling mystery to play through and complete.

With various sequels spawned from their success, you know this is the game to get. The Room is currently £0.99 on iOS and Android, and well worth the price.

What Do You Think?

These are our picks for 5 mobile games that we think are genuinely fun to play. Let us know what other mobile games you think are some of your favourite? Whether you think the rise in mobile gaming will lead to publishers pushing for those platforms? and if technology will improve upon new ways to play mobile games?



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