Yarn Counter Kickstarter: Electric Eel Wheel

Yarn Counter Kickstarter: Electric Eel Wheel

Editor note: Since posting this article the Kickstarter campaign has successfully reached its goal. Meaning no further pledges will be accepted. However, you can still join the waiting list for the finished product via Kickstarter should you be interested.

Kickstarter is filled with thousands of intriguing and ingenious product designs that have the potential to make a big difference on the market. One of the more recent Kickstarter projects that seem to be taking the popular crowdfunding platform by storm is The Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) Yarn Counter. This is a tool that has been created to quickly and efficiently measure the length of a ball of yarn to help someone know how much they have to work with before beginning a project.

EEW Yarn Counter Product Overview

The Electric Eel Wheel Yarn Counter is a versatile, accurate, and affordable yarn length measuring tool. It has been designed with the knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving communities in mind, in the hopes of making the beginning a project much less stressful or frustrating. It can even be used to count your yarn before you’ve even selected your project, as once you know how much yarn you have, you can then select a project that matches that amount. This saves you from excess waste and leftover yarn.

Video Credit: The Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) Yarn Counter Kickstarter Page

Other Uses for the EEW Yarn Counter

There are multiple reasons why Maurice Ribble decided a yarn counter could be put to good use. The following reasons only add to Maurice’s determination to bring this project to fruition:

  • When knitting a pair of something (socks for example). You can perfectly measure the amount of yarn you will be using quickly and efficiently to make sure they are make up to exactly the same time.
  • Certain weaving or knitting projects require equal lengths of yarn. A good example would be a blanket made up of 20 knitted squares. This tool is perfect for helping you to measure out the yarn for each square ahead of time.
  • Spinners can divide singles into however many plies they want with virtually no waste.
  • It can be used by crocheters and knitters to measure yarn as it is being used. This can help to track progress, estimate how much yarn is left and calculate the best yarn transition points.
  • Weavers that use sectional warping will find this the perfect tool for measuring many identical warps.

This counter works particularly well with thin yarns, however it is capable of counting yarn anywhere up to 8 wraps per inch (WPI). The EEW Yarn Counter works in line with swifts, bobbins, winders, ball winders, skein cones, and balls of yarn.

An in-depth description of The Electric Eel Wheel Yarn Counter can be found on the main Kickstarter page.

EEW Yarn Counter Kickstarter Information

This project was started on Thursday 20th May, and saw $81K raised by the end of its first day! The original amount planned was to raise $10K by the end of the one-month period provided by Kickstarter. Now, after just 7 days, it sits at $85.6K and rising.

EEW yarn counter colour options
Image caption: EEW Kickstarter Update

The project currently has 25 days remaining and has blown the original target out of the water. Additional alternation have been done to the design of the Counter. The second update on the project did a poll for the colour of the counter. The final decision was to keep the counter black and white for high contrast and visibility. However, there was a lot of interest in bright coloured options. Therefore Ribble is currently developing a plan to alter the design slightly in order for users to switch out the yarn disk for a different colour.

Developer Details

Maurice Ribble is an engineer, inventor, and small business owner looking to create projects that can improve the world. in an update on the project shortly after reaching $81K Ribble has told his supports how much he appreciates their faith in his project.

“I’ve spent a large part of my life these past two years designing and improving this yarn counter.  It warms my heart to see that my work will be used by a lot of yarn lovers!… Without this community the EEW Yarn Counter would never exist so thank you!!”

EEW Yarn Counter Release Information

Ribble has not yet announced a release date for the final product. Therefore, following the campaign for updates in this regard would be highly recommended.


Maurice Ribble has carefully calculated what would be the best price for these counters in order to produce them to the quality that is required, and still be able to make a profit. as such he has settled on a $50 price point. Though anyone that founds his Kickstarter campaign will receive a $10 discount as a thank you for helping get the product into development.

It will be available in all countries, with $18 shipping to anywhere outside of the US and $5 shipping inside of the US.

What Will Be Included?

If you choose to purchase an EEW Yarn Counter you can expect to receive the counter itself. Additionally you will receive a clamp to allow you to clamp the counter to the table and reduce movement whilst counting.


This certainly seems to be the accessibility tool that the knitting, crocheting, and weaving community needs. People have gone crazy for it and it seems to have a met an unmet demand. We think it’s innovative, carefully thought out and clearly shows a lot of passion both from the developer and the community. For those who are knitting enthusiasts, we would highly recommend giving this a look!



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