Grid Force: Mask of The Goddess Overview

Grid Force: Mask of The Goddess Overview

Saviour or destroyer. Champion of mercy or champion of execution. The choice is yours. Get ready to launch a divine smite to your enemies as the champion of the Goddess. Welcome to Grid Force: Mask of the Goddessthe fast-paced action game of grid-based combat.

What to Expect in Grid Force

DnD meets killer dodgeball – that is what you can expect. Playtra Games bring us their first-ever game in an RPG/action hybrid of combat and choices. Players will find themselves in a game where the action is heavy and the choices even more so.

Grid Force is the game where every action you take – in combat and dialogue – can impact the world you create. With branching storylines, you’ll be sure to think twice about what you say to your allies and enemies. On the battlefield you need to think fast and move fast; every misstep or misfire could potentially spell doom.

The graphics of the game are gorgeous and reminiscent of the 70’s arcade-style – which was the developer’s goal. The city of Gora and its various battle maps provide a unique and diverse style that pops out with its eye-catching colours and feeling of pure pandemonium thanks to the constant hectic movement.

The Gameplay of Grid Force

As the name suggests, Grid Force is designed with grid-based moments and combat on the battlefield. The maps work in such a way where your character movement consists of up, left, right, and down. You will find dodging and moving constant yet valuable manoeuvres in this game.

You first will assemble a team of 4 warriors but will select one at a time. With enemies on the other side of the grid, you must keep to your own side of the map and take them out. Players use range attacks on their side to even the odds, but enemies can also do the same. Like we said, it’s like dodgeball… but with lasers and deity-serving champions.

The game contains over 35 original characters, all of which are characters that you face in the story. Whilst some offer their services to your cause, others are enemies that can be persuaded to join your mission. The player can attempt diplomacy or battle against a foe – meaning there is potential to gain a new ally or destroy a villain. Best of all, all characters in the game are female – yet another point for women in gaming!

Grid Force offers either a single-player or multiplayer experience. Players can play through the story alone or locally with up to 3 players. You can also choose between co-op and competitive. Teamwork is great and all, but sometimes you just wanna kill your friends or family. This is where PvP comes in, players can actually pit against each other with their own teams – proving once and for all who the greatest champion out there is.

The Story of Grid Force

A Goddess known as Clea has created a new universe using her will. You are Donna, her champion, and her right hand – your duty is to save the Earth from collapsing and rebooting. However this not as easy as it sounds, you need to persuade or battle other chosen ones in the city. Along the way, you will uncover the mysteries of the floating city of Gora.

Grid Force

You will also encounter others along the way trying to help or kill you. Each character has their own backstory, goals, and personality; their fates are interwoven with others and in your hands. With this dynamic choice system, it’s up to you whether you are a champion of mercy or execution.

Our Opinion

This game shows a lot of promise. And having seen what it has to offer we feel like this game could deliver on that promise and even expand to something spectacular. The story is interesting, to say the least – with a take on mythology, loyalty, and choice that makes quite the combination.

The characters have beautiful designs, and to see a roster of female playable characters in the game is refreshing to find in the gaming industry. We’re hoping a lot of other games (indie or otherwise) take the example of Grid Force to include a majority of female PCs in a game over male ones. Better yet, the characters don’t seem like a copy and paste skin version of each other; everyone has their own personalities and stories as well as abilities.

The art style and soundtrack both mixing the 70’s and 90’s is a techno-fusion we cannot wait to see more of. Other media should take note of the fusion of styles from two centuries to create a unique cocktail of a design. We hope to see more of this game and explanations of the mechanics and story. We will definitely be keeping our eye on this one until release day.

Grid Force: Mask of The Goddess is expected to drop on Summer 2021 on Steam and Consoles.



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