Figment 2: Creed Valley – Overview

Figment 2: Creed Valley – Overview

The sequel to the 2017 stunning puzzle game Figment is arriving this year. It’s time to reunite with Dusty and Piper and delve back into the human mind. That’s right, the brain-warming game of human imagination and fears returns. Our heroes make a comeback to face a familiar foe of nightmares in Figment 2: Creed Valley.

What To Expect in Figment 2

Bedtime Digital Games – creators of Back To Bed and Chronology – return with the second chapter of their mind-blowing game, Figment. Returning fans will arrive back at The Mind with more challenges, added gameplay, and new enemies to face.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Figment 2 will be a “wooorld of pure imagination” to put lightly. Floating platforms, crazy landmarks, rhyming musical villains that put the Disney villains to shame. Whatever the mind can imagine, this game goes beyond that. The game delves into the light and dark of the human psyche. With that, they have created a visualisation of both sides that is truly a wonder.

Figment 2

Expect fun and colourful adventures filled with the heart and soul of music. And let us not forget the main aspect of this, however: it’s a puzzle game. The first Figment had puzzles that required various amounts of out-of-the-box thinking; the sequel will go above and beyond that.

The Gameplay of Figment 2

Imagine if Cuphead’s map roaming system was 3D and full of brain-boggling puzzles; topped off with some combat. This is what you can expect from the environment and gameplay of Figment 2. The camera is positioned in a similar way to Cuphead in which you get a good view of the character, the map, and the world around it. Additionally, the player is able to roam around these islands and even backtrack – allowing full exploration.

The sequel offers a new addition known as The Mind Converter. Finding these allow you to change your mind state from open-minded to closed-minded (and vice versa). Doing this will change the environment to allow you to move forward, as well as giving a new perspective on some of the puzzles.

The combat is basic yet effective – you can move, roll, attack, and charge attack. Your sword is your main weapon in the game but is used for more than fighting. It can be used to flip switches, press buttons, and activate other puzzles. Basically, everything can be fixed by swinging your sword into it… in the right places of course.

With their various abilities and their own health bar, the enemies are no joke. You can get corrupted plants that have a pattern of spitting on you frequently. And try as you may, button-mashing won’t save you – you need to count how many hits you can get on the enemy before dodging and repeating. Studying the rhythm of the game is the key to beating the enemies within it.

The Story of Figment 2

Set in the human mind, evil beings known as Nightmares plague the lands and spread chaos wherever they go. The Nightmares have wounded the Moral Compass – which damages the functionality of The Mind. The Nightmares here are a new breed from that of the first game.

You return as Dusty – the embodiment of courage – in order to face these fears and cure the mind. Aided by your optimistic companion, Piper, you will journey to Creed Valley – the place of The Mind’s ideas – to restore peace. Along the way, you will encounter cognitive puzzles, gorgeous environments of The Mind, and musical boss fights.

Dusty will encounter Nightmares as the bosses of the game, with each one completely unique in its fighting ability. Not all enemies can be beaten by your blade, hell, most are impervious to it. Weakening them and memorising their pattern is the key to winning – they’re just another puzzle to figure out. Also, don’t let them charm you with their catchy boss theme songs (that they sing themselves). These tunes may be catchy but they’re not pretty enough to let them win.

Our Opinion

To hear the success of an indie game spawning a sequel always brings a smile to our faces. The sequel brings the same feel as the original with its vivid representation of the complexity of the human mind – its memories, emotions, and darkness. There is a lot in the game that acts as a study for mental health, like the abandoned memories and dreams section at the beginning.

Bedtime Digital Gamesdecision to take the concept of their first game farther is a great and brave one which we hope pays off. A lot of the gameplay and mechanics from the first game return, giving it that original feel and playing it safe. It would seem that the story is more the focus than the gameplay, which has its positives and negatives. We hope that the developers take note of any bad feedback from the first game and improve on it.

Overall we can’t wait for Dusty and Piper to make their return to the world. We hope Piper has a character arc of her own, and is able to work past her own fears alongside Dusty. The dynamic has the potential to make great character moments rather than have Piper as the ‘pixie assistant’. The characters are likable enough, but considering we’ll be journeying with them some development expanding on their interactions would help the player enjoy their company a little bit more.

Figment 2: Creed Valley will be released in 2021 on Steam



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