OBSBOT Me: Auto-Tracking Phone Mount

OBSBOT Me: Auto-Tracking Phone Mount

OBSBOT Me is an auto-tracking phone mount designed to empower your phone, for selfies, streaming, vlogging, video calls, etc. After overwhelming success on Kickstarter, it is now available to pre-order. We’ve put together a quick breakdown of this new product and what makes it so brilliant!

Product Overview

The OBSBOT Me phone mount utilizes the AI technology originally found in the Obsbot Tail AI camera. It has been specifically designed to appeal to vloggers on a budget. It is a foldable AI phone mount with live tracking, gesture control, a wide-angle sensing camera, and brushless motor. Everything a growing vlogger needs!

Obsbot Me

The technology behind this ingenious design uses an advanced neural network to achieve the AI tracking required for the perfect video. Tracking is smooth and stable, meaning you don’t have to worry about vibrations from the mount affecting your video footage. After multiple review by various vloggers, it has been labelled a “must-have” device.

Developer Details

REMO TECH, is an innovative imaging hardware and technology company founded by a group of passionate, young engineers. They are dedicated to using new technologies in order to connect people and the imaging industry to the future. REMO TECH previously developed the Obsbot Tail AI camera with a Kickstarter campaign. This used the same AI technology to track the video’s subject.

However, it was a more expensive development, and so REMO TECH sought to create a more affordable alternative for those that rely on their camera phones for video making. Enter, the Obsbot Me.

Obsbot Me Kickstarter Information

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on 28th April 2021 with a goal of HK$388,659 ( GBP £35,383). That goal was absolutely smashed, resulting in a final pledge total of HK$ 3,458,929 ( GBP £314,900) with 3,551 backing the project in total. Below is a full timeline of their development, from prior to the Kickstarter launch up to June 2021 when order fulfillment should start.

Release Information

Mass production has now started, with the first batch of Obsbot Me phone mounts due to be shipped on June 15th.

There are several packages available ranging from £70 to £353 for early bird pre-order. They also ship worldwide for free. We have listed below the packaged available:

Early Bird – Basic Perk – £70 (33% off)

  • OBSBOT Me Tripod
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • OBSBOT Me Travel Case

Early Bird – Extension Combo – £77 (35% off)

  • OBSBOT Me Tripod
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • OBSBOT Me Travel Case
  • Selfie Ring Light
  • Camera Remote Shutter

Extension Combo – £151 (36% OFF)

  • Selfie Ring Light (2)
  • Camera Remote Shutter (2)
  • OBSBOT Me Standard pack (2)

Extension Combo *5 – £353 (40% OFF)


How do I keep the Obsbot Me focused on me?

The Obsbot Me uses gesture recognition to keep its focus, meaning you just need to raise your hand for it to recognise you and follow you around.

Will the Obsbot Me hold any phone?

This phone mount has a universal phone holder with full rotation.

Can the Obsbot Me track non-human objects, such as pets or slow moving balls?

The OBSBOT Me only tracks human beings, so it would not be any helps to pet vloggers.

What is the best tracking distance for the Obsbot Me?

The ideal distance for the best tracking result is 0.5-3 meters. However it has proven to work well up to 15 meters with an absolute maximum of 18-20 meters (though at 18-20 there is no guarantee of perfect results).

Can the Obsbot Me be used with a GoPro?

It is suitable for use with a GoPro, so long as you have the appropriate platform adapter for it. However it does not work with standard cameras, as it has a weight limit designed for mobile phone, and standard cameras would exceed that weight.


There is a wealth of Kickstarter campaigns out there that fill in the jobs that nobody realised they needed filling – until the technology comes along to do it. Obsbot has been wildly popular up until this point with their other advancements in the world of imagery, and clearly, the people still want to see more from them. This phone mount is extremely impressive, and definitely suits the needs of countless people, helping to make high-quality vlogging more affordable to the masses. We think it is a brilliant invention and one that will definitely help to progress the world of video making. We look forward to seeing what else REMO TECH develops in the future.



Eloise is a lifelong gamer, a studier of Ancient History and Archaeology, a pet care journalist, a new mother of one, and film studies graduate with a desire to pass on her own knowledge so that others may benefit from it.

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