Coromon – The Monster-Catching RPG of 2021

Coromon – The Monster-Catching RPG of 2021

In 1996, The first Pokemon game popularised the monster-catching RPG genre in the videogame industry. Ever since, various other games have spawned from its example, such as Nexomon, Tem Tem, and Yo-Kai Watch. And now another enters the fold; TRAGsoft presents the latest monster-catching RPG in Coromon.

What To Expect of Coromon

If you’ve played Pokemon, you’ll know the general idea of monster-catchers. For those that don’t, you’ll expect an incredible experience in the mash-up of RPG and collection. The goal is simple; explore the world to find and defeat untamed creatures of different abilities to add them to your arsenal. You will then train tamed creatures to grow stronger and beat harder foes. You gotta be the best… around! Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.

Coromon is reported to have over 120 Coromon creatures for you to catch and train; all wild and varied from each other. You will juggle your personal preferences and build your own favourite squad from your collection. You may find that your strongest Coromon is replaced by a weaker one simply because they’re too adorable not to have.


With the free-roaming RPG aspect, you will find yourself travelling different biomes and sights that will dazzle you in its pixel glory. Even the biomes and weather have an organic feel to them – with your feet sliding on ice or jumping over small inclines. It’s little details like these that really make a tremendous difference in world design and feel.

Its modernised pixel art visuals are a sight to behold. Staying true to its retro feel, you will either get that beautiful sense of nostalgia or an enjoyable sight of a modern game that still feels old. Accompanied by an original and inspiring soundtrack, Davi Vasc outshines himself in adding this gorgeous ambience to the game.  

The Gameplay of Coromon

As with your standard RPG Monster-catching game, you have two aspects of gameplay – battle and free-roam exploration. Though the gameplay is split clearly into two factors, each has its own nuances. They are not as simple as you might think when looking at the overall retro styling. Coromon has a multitude of mechanics built into each type of gameplay.

Free-roam allows you to explore the world before you, doing stuff like interacting with NPC’s, looking for Coromon, and even customising your character. The latter is a great addition added to the genre; players will be able to customise their skin tones, outfits, and hairstyles at the beginning of the game. you can also unlock new customisable items and visit the local hairdresser or tanning salon.


Whilst exploring, you may encounter areas that require your brain to successfully navigate. We mean that in the metaphorical sense, of course, no brain removal here! An example of the type of puzzle you can expect to see is moving logs in a particular pattern to create a path to the next area. Even boss areas will require some cognitive thinking to reach – they probably thought elaborate puzzles were more effective than traps.

The Combat

Violence is never the answer, but it can be the solution. Wild Coromon are dangerous, so you have to tame them in ways they would understand… through combat! It’s your Coromon against the enemy, and the battle can go either way – you’ll need every advantage you can get.

Each Coromon is a specialised type; each type acting as resistance or vulnerability for you. There are 14 types: normal, electric, ghost, sand, fire, ice, water, magic, foul, heavy, air, poison, and cut. You may find some types effective than others, and some not at all – it is your job to experiment and tactfully deploy said types appropriately.


During battle, you can examine your and your enemy’s stats – allowing you to study and devise the best course of action. Power, accuracy, move list, you can see it all. You also have two types of attacks: normal attacks and attacks that require stamina points (SP). SP attacks are limited by the amount of SP points you have. If you run out of a fight to recuperate you will be forced to skip a turn to rest and regain. However, you can rest early should you wish to, in order to have more control.

Levelling up your Coromon is important as it allows you to take on tougher enemies and bosses. However, a really cool feature that Coromon has is the ability to distribute your points into certain stats. Looking for a glass cannon or tank? Well, this game lets you do that! You can choose to spend your points on health points (HP), attack, SP attack, speed, defence, and SP defence. Doing this allows you to build a unique Coromon, unlike any other you will have come across.

The Story of Coromon

Welcome to the region of Velua, where humans and Coromon have lived in harmony since the beginning. However, a shady organisation threatens that stability. They plan to release a dark power that will corrupt the world and everything in it. You are a young hero who has recently joined The Lux Solis, a technologically advanced company. It is your task to train a powerful squad of Coromon and fight your way through the world and save Velua. The journey is long and difficult, but you must persevere.


You will also face six titans of immense power; each one more difficult than the last. invade their lairs and defeat them in combat if you want the world to stay safe. You need to think smart and assemble the right choice of Coromon if you want to win – it’s all about strategy.

Our Opinion

On one hand, we look at this and see everything Pokemon has spawned into the industry. Although not a carbon copy, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of differentiation to give it a significantly unique selling point.

That being said, on the other hand, we think of this game as similar Protodroid DeLTA – another game we’ve reviewed. Protodroid DeLTA is a love letter to the original Megaman games; utilising a lot of its features and re-vitalising the genre for the current generation. We can definitely see a lot of that in Coromon; as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. So seeing the return of a classic genre with today’s technology and graphics is like obtaining the remaster we wanted. It screams nostaligia and invites the younger generation to see everything we loved about Pokemon in its heyday.

This can be seen as the game that gamers of the old and new generation alike will enjoy. With a heavy influence of Pokemon but added features and originality such as character customisation. It seems like it will be another fine addition to the genre and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

The free-to-play Demo of Coromon is available now. The game is expected to release in later 2021 on Steam, IOS, tvOS, and Android.



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