Revita – Never Forget The Pain

Revita – Never Forget The Pain

Fight or submit. Live or die. Recall or forget. Save your memories and fight your way to freedom. If you want to escape the nightmare, you’re going to have to pass through it. Take the Pain Express to Revita – the game where memory is everything.

What To Expect in Revita

BenStar is the developer and programmer of Revita; working hard to bring a Twin-Stick Shooter/Platformer game to the indie industry. Much like God Strike, we have another game of this amazing genre entering the fray.  A welcoming addition for players who enjoy challenging their reflexes and testing their strategy.

And, similar to other Souls-like games, Revita is about learning from your mistakes, collecting as many souls as possible, and encountering challenging enemies and boss fights. Every move, if not timed and calculated properly, could be your last. Basically, it’s fight, die, return, rinse and repeat if you’re not careful.

The setting conveys a sense of eeriness and mystery – with the game set inside a clock tower that appears endless. With dark backgrounds and minimal light (save from you and your attacks), this clock tower is no place for an adult, let alone a child. Even with pixel art, the game beautifully expresses its setting accordingly.

Revita adds in a beautiful mechanic for all players to enjoy – more accessibility options. Instead of difficulty, players can attune the speed of the game and adjust the aim assist sensitivity to their liking. Players can also change the text from pixelated to HD, zoom in on the screen, disable flashing images, and even have a coloured outline on themselves/enemies.

The Gameplay of Revita

Revita is a 2D sidescroller Twin Stick shooting platformer. Meaning there is quite the mix of gameplay mechanics. Players will progress through various levels, each one more difficult than the other. Each level or region has elevators that take the player to the next floor, progressing through each one to reach the top.

Players have a variety of movements to their character. They can move forward and even backtrack. Alongside that, they can jump, dash and wall bounce – simple right? Nope! As each map feels different, players will find that these ‘basic’ movements will save you in a pinch when swarms of enemies have you cornered.

Your foes are deadly and not to be taken lightly, You may find yourself surrounded by a variety of adversaries before you know it if you can’t maintain your skill. Multiplying ones, shooting ones, wall clingers – there is no end to their creativity. Memorising each enemy, and their attacks, is the key to staying alive.

Apart from travelling the clock tower, players can do side quests for other NPCs in the Memoria Station. This place acts as the main hub, you’ll find all sorts of characters there, such as the Librarian, who catalogues all your findings. Relics, curses, enemies and lost letters – knowledge is power so feel free to check with them after every adventure.

Being a Glass Cannon

The most important aspect of this game is the choice to become a glass cannon. To those unfamiliar with the term, a glass cannon refers to an extremely weak yet powerful character. Simply put, your health is low enough that you could be killed easily, but your attacks and powers are strong enough for some real damage.

In Revita your health is already low, but it could be lower in exchange for some real firepower. Your basic cannon can do the trick, but its limited short-range vs the enemies’ infinite one makes the playing field a bit uneven. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the risk to become more powerful.

The player can choose to sacrifice a portion of their lives (measured in hearts) to obtain powers and relics. The more lives you sacrifice, the better the chance for rarer buffs. But measure yourself accordingly, a player who is constantly hit should choose to play on the defensive as opposed to the offensive. Balance is important in this fast-paced action game.

Relics can also be upgraded with hearts or free upgrade tokens obtained from bosses. But beware, your lives carry on through the levels and death will send you to the beginning. If you’re the risky type, it helps that combined relics can produce game-breaking effects. Experiment to find the right combination of style.

The Story of Revita

You play as an unnamed child who cannot recollect why they are in the metro. You are then instilled with a sense of destination to find answers in the distant clock tower. However, all is not as it seems. Revita is a tale that raises more questions than answers the more you journey through.


The child will find themselves in a world of melancholy, with monsters, masked characters, and evil on every level. You will explore the infested underground subway in hopes that you will reach the towering heights of the constantly shifting clock tower. With characters that offer their aid and others that attempt to take your soul and memories, It is your destiny to recover what you have lost. You will battle your way through the nightmare to reach the end of it.

Our Opinion

Revita introduces a very interesting high-risk-high-reward form of gameplay that intrigues us greatly. I remember playing God Of War II‘s intro level and the part where you drain all your health and magic upgrades into the Blade of Olympus was such an exhilarating experience. To see the same mechanic of sacrificing part of yourself and increasing the danger to obtain upgrades and powers is refreshing.

Much like God Strike, we really enjoy seeing these type of indie games – with that Twin-Stick functionality mixed with Dark Souls level challenges. It proves that simple controls don’t make a simple game. Memory is the key to this game: both in gameplay and story. The story is also well thought out, implementing the vulnerability of a child character with the terrifying theme of amnesia in a dark world. There’s something about the clock tower that pulls us into its mystery.

Revita’s accessibility options also serve as a shining example of a technical masterpiece; to make games inclusive to those with impairments as well as everyone. We hope more video games can take note of this. We are also proud to see a Non-Binary developer work on this game, and we hope They serve as a great leading example to others to follow suit in the industry.

The Early Access version of Revita was released on Steam on March 2021 and is still in this stage until further notice. You can playtest it for yourself and throw some feedback too whilst you’re at it.



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