Pandora Is No Longer Selling Mined Diamonds

Pandora Is No Longer Selling Mined Diamonds

Pandora, the famous jewellery manufacturers, have recently announced their decision to no longer use mined diamonds in their jewellery. Instead, they will be making the switch to lab-grown diamonds. The news was revealed during the release of their first lab-grown diamond collection. Helping solidify a rebrand, which centres around bringing the brand toward a more ethical development process.

The Danish company’s decision has been made following the ever-growing public awareness of ethical manufacturing. As such, more and more consumers are turning to companies that provide more eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. Thus, the public’s choice to go with more sustainable fashion choices has forced changes across the entire fashion industry. Not only with clothing, but shoes and jewellery as well, with companies exploring all avenues to meet the public’s demand.

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The news was broken by Pandora on May 4th, 2021. In which the announcement of their new collection showcases their exclusively lab-grown diamonds. This new range has been aptly named Pandora Brilliance, to represent the shine of these new diamonds. Interestingly, these aim to show the world what the ethical approach to jewellery making can mean for the industry, as they are the first major jewellery manufacturing label to make the change.

However, not only will Pandora be completely removing mined diamonds from their range. But last year they announced they will no longer to using any mined silver or gold in their production process either. Instead, they have opted to utilise only recycled materials, adding to their new eco-friendly ethos.

The Pandora Brilliance Range

The Brilliance jewellery line includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Additionally, they have included their new use of recycled gold and silver as well as white gold. At the moment, the Brilliance line is a single design with a variety of carat options. Each piece features a beautiful water drop-shaped design containing a diamond in the centre. Prices range from £250 – £1,290. Meanwhile, Pandora has chosen the tagline “diamonds are not just forever, but for everyone.”

For those interested in the process, the lab-made stones are made using a hydrocarbon gas mixture heated to 800 Celsius. This process spurs carbon atoms to build around a small ‘seed’ diamond. Which allows the crystal to build, layer by layer.

In 2020, despite the Covid pandemic impacting high streets, causing a knock-on effect with in-store sales, Pandora still made £2.2 billion in revenue. In particular, the company produced 85 million pieces of jewellery and sold over 500,000 mined diamonds, within this timescale. Pandora has described their decision as wanting to sell more “affordable, sustainably created products.” And add that they are doing this in the hopes of “transforming the market for diamond jewellery”.



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