32°N Sunglasses – Dynamic Focus Glasses

32°N Sunglasses – Dynamic Focus Glasses

Editor note: Since posting this article the Kickstarter campaign has successfully reached its goal. Meaning no further pledges will be accepted. However, you can still follow the progress of this project via Kickstarter should you be interested.

I should start this by informing you that this is not a sponsored article. It is simply an overview of an upcoming project that we feel has a real shot on today’s market. Kickstarter is filled with tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of ingenious and intriguing design ideas that have the potential to make a big difference in a variety of markets. The projects range from games and tech to food and crafts. One of the most recent Kickstarter projects that seem to have smashed its target pledge on the popular crowdfunding platform is the 32°N sunglasses (AKA 32-North sunglasses). Designed to switch from sunglasses to reading glasses at the swipe of a finger.

Product Overview

The 32°N sunglasses are marketed as rechargeable sunglasses. Which are capable of switching from tinted non-prescription lenses, to clear reading glasses with a simple swipe. For those of us who use glasses, having to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses when out and about is a frustrating reality. Especially when it comes to the reliance on mobile phones as a principal form of communication.

Image credit: 32N kickstarter page

Deep Optics have developed unique, revolutionary lenses capable of dynamic focus. By this, they mean that the 32°N lenses are able to instantly change from clear reading glasses to tinted sunglasses in seconds. The aim of this product is to make reading on the go a much simpler affair. Thus, removing the need to go in search of your reading glasses, every time you receive a text message.

How It’s Done

This is done with the use of a liquid crystal layer that adapts to the reading mode when you swipe the touchpad along the right arm. They come with an app that allows you to set up your 32°Ns to the ideal reading mode. This app includes setting distance, strength, and the width of the reading area. You can even boost the strength for any particularly tricky print. If you’re interested in seeing the glasses in action, please feel free to check out this product demonstration video provided by Deep Optics.

Video credit: 32°N SUNGLASSES Youtube

We’ve all been there – when you just can’t find your glasses so you decide you push your eyes beyond their limit. All in an attempt to read the message you just received. This type of design is capable of helping you to avoid eye strain and reduce headaches. Now, you can head out to the park on a sunny day and crack out that old favourite book without the worry of leaving your reading glasses at home.

Developer Details

Deep Optics are the company hoping to bring 32°N glasses to today’s optic market. They operate under the ethos that “glasses should adapt to the people wearing them; Not the other way around.” Deep Optics is an Israeli startup company founded in 2011. They have been steadily developing the liquid crystal tunable lens technology with the aim to produce dynamic focal glasses using this ingenious design.

Image credit: 32N kickstarter page

Not only has Deep Optics successfully developed glasses that could be a game-changer to all that use them. But they have also been working in collaboration with a variety of other companies. All of which have wanted to integrate the liquid crystal tunable lens technology in their mounted display systems.

32°N Kickstarter Information

This has been a highly successful campaign. It originally started with a pledge of £17,867. The Kickstarter now has 156 backers, amounting to £30,356 to date with 28 days to go. Clearly, a lot of people are wanting this product! Deep Optics have also provided a timeline of how they hope the production process will go, as you can see below.

 32°N kickstarter
Image credit: 32N kickstarter page

If you are interested in pledging to the 32°N campaign, feel free to check out their Kickstarter page for more information.

32°N Release Date

Deep Optics hope to begin shipping out 32°N glasses by February 2022. This is a little while away yet. However, this date has been set owing to the desire to fine-tune every aspect of the technology before presenting it to the pledgers.

At full RRP, they will cost $449 (£321) after their release date. If you decide to back the project early, you will be given the limited offer of $229 (£164), effectively making them half-price. They will be available in three colours to begin with: black, tortoise, and caramel.

For the inquisitive among you, questions about the product are more than welcome. Deep Optics request that those questions be put into an email sent to social@32northglasses.com .

 32°N kickstarter price
Image credit: 32N kickstarter page


Well, considering Deep Optics were able to blow their target out of the water within just two days of their campaign starting up on Kickstarter, it’s clear this new eyewear is going to do extremely well! For those of us that know the struggle of relying on reading glasses, this design is perfect. It is innovative, accessible, and certainly seems like the future of eyewear. The patented technology can only get better, potentially opening a variety of new avenues, not just in eyewear but across many platforms. We look forward to watching this project as it progresses!

What Else Is There?

If this has piqued your interest, you may want to take a look at some of the other Kickstarter campaigns that have caught our attention such as the Obsbot Me, or the Electric Eel Wheel. Kickstarter campaigns are the perfect way to support small businesses. So we would always recommend browsing through the ongoing campaigns if you’re looking to support a new project.



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