Things to Do With Kids as Lockdown Eases

Things to Do With Kids as Lockdown Eases

Covid-19 not only affected adults and their world but also children. Children have been missing out on so many adventures, during what seemed to be a never-ending lockdown this past year. However, with the restrictions easing and the world’s opening back up, there are a lot more opportunities for children to explore and grow. Here, we take a look at what you can and can’t do under current government guidance. As well as how to keep children entertained – both at home and on days out.  

What Can You Do in the UK Now?

It’s been a long year for everyone. And, while we’re still a ways off from full relaxation, it’s great to be out and about. However, even though we’re in step 3 on the roadmap out of lockdown, there are still limitations on what we can and can’t do. For now, here are a few things that you can do within the UK under the latest easing:

Weddings and Significant Life Events

Significant life events such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs deserve to be celebrated. Hence, why many ceremonies can now take place in a COVID-Secure venue or in a private venue such as a garden or home. In most cases though, the number of people who are attending is kept safe and wed to attend these ceremonies are dependent on how many the venue can accommodate safely, which also includes those working at the event. The same restrictions about social distancing, face coverings being worn and singing and dancing still apply. 

However, it’s advised that whoever is organising the events had a Covid-19 risk assessment to reduce any potential risk of spreading the virus. This allows you and the vent organiser to take any necessary precautions to ensure all rules and regulations are met. You must also follow the risk assessment that took place which will also support in keeping everyone and the event as safe as possible.

Travel Within England

As a result of the ease of lockdown restrictions, many places are starting to open up and fight for the custom during 2020. In regards to travelling, make sure to plan the journey beforehand to safely get to your destination. Here are some of the precautions to take when planning your journey:  

  • Try and avoid busy times as it will support social distancing when travelling  
  • Still follow the guidelines of regularly washing our hands and wearing face coverings to prevent germs from spreading and catching Covid  
  •  Check if the area has open windows to let in the fresh air where possible  

Even with travel now being greenlit, it is still advised to not share a private vehicle with more than 6 people as this could cause issues with ventilation and a higher risk of becoming ill.  If you are travelling via public transport such as tram or bus, then double-check that it’s well ventilated before making travel plans as well as wear a face covering when travelling with these services.

Re-Opening of Businesses

Businesses and venues have been fighting to keep afloat during the last year or so. In any case, most indoor venues and businesses are re-opening under current restrictions. Planning a day out? Not to worry! Services like hospitality and indoor venues are permitted to open back up to the public. Cinemas and theatres are also reopening in regards to keeping with the social distancing rules. Entertainment venues that are indoors, such as bingo halls and bowling alleys are also permitted to reopen. However, the attractions that are mainly outdoors (theme parks and zoos) can re-open their indoor parts for custom.  

Businesses that host childcare events and activities that require supervision, such as sports can re-open for all children and are eligible to do so. This also applies to play centres that can also re-open for children, regardless of the circumstances. Thus allowing kids to enjoy their summer. As well as to meet friends and go on many, many adventures. Which helps to give kids the imagination to tell tales to their family.  

What Can’t You Do in the UK?

With every ease comes a few complications. As a result, there are still some things that have restrictions until we reach that final date. Some businesses are still yet to re-open and are struggling to keep afloat after this last year. Even, so here are a couple of things that are still restricted despite the new guidance;

Meeting With Friends and Family

Whilst most of these restrictions have been lifting, there are still limitations on the number of people you can meet with. These gatherings can have up to 30 people, which must not be exceeded, as it will be easier to minimise the spread of coronavirus. However, it is up to you whether or not to keep your distance from friends and family. Just remember to remain cautious.  

Meeting friends is something we’ve been waiting for, for over a year. And, now with fewer restrictions, we can finally see them and our families. However, be mindful that indoors, you can only meet in a group of six from any household. Which also includes children of all ages in the limitation. You can also have a group of any size from two households, even if they have an existing support bubble. 

Businesses That are Still Closed

Even with the re-opening of some businesses, there are still a few that have to wait a couple more weeks. Venues such as nightclubs would be the last to open during the final step in the government’s guidance. This is so the amount of social contact reduces. Thus keeping us safe until all restrictions ease.

When Will This Change?

As it stands, the restrictions are still being limited until the 19th of July. This is when England will continue into Step 4. Step 4 is when we’ll see the reopening of nightclubs, large events and the removal of all limits on social contact and life events such as weddings and christenings. Exciting, right? Hopefully, the return of large events will be determined by the outcome of the Events Research Programme. This programme uses pilot events to test how well Covid can be contained during them. Step 4 may also see the relaxation of the Covid-Secure requirements on businesses. However, this is subject to change, depending on the outcome of reviews. 

5 Things to Do With Kids Under Current Restrictions

Kids will be kids, always wanting to explore the outside world and learn something new. Luckily, even with the current restrictions, there are many things to with your children! Below, we take a look at 5 things you can do with children that are available under current guidance. And what’s better than doing some of these activities than during the summer!  

Visiting Museums

Love learning? Great! Museums are open and ready to share more facts about our history with you. Whether it’s the Natural History Museum or the National Railway Museum, there’s something new to experience every day. New and old exhibits wait for you as you explore the world’s ever-changing history. Whether that’s through the interactive parts or play (aimed at toddlers for an intro to science) that will keep kids occupied whilst learning or visually.  

Natural History Museum. Photo by Pen_85/ Shuttershock

Take a Trip to a Local Play Area

We all know kids get bored quite easily at home. So, why not take a trip to a local play area? This way, kids can burn off some energy by jumping, rolling and running through the different obstacles. Thus, allowing parents a quiet moment of peace and a cuppa whilst the children are running in the soft play. You may also be wondering what to do if your kid or kids get hungry. Not to worry, you can always check if the soft play area serves food so you can grab a meal in their café.

Source: Fantasy Island Resort

Visiting Zoos

Does your child or children like exploring? Or has a fascination with the animals of the world? Well, do I have an activity for you! Taking a day trip to a zoo sounds exciting, especially for kids. Here, children can experience the different animals that inhabit the world such as giraffes and red pandas. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch a feeding event. These come with the benefit of teaching children about what the animals eat. Always double-check the zoo’s website to avoid disappointment, however.  

Source: Texas Heritage for Living

Take a Trip to a Water Park

Grab some towels and your swimming costume – we’re off to a water park. Traditionally quite underrated unless paired with a theme park, water parks serve as a cooler substitute to a normal theme park. Water parks have many different activities to keep children entertained. Including, the smaller pools and slides all available to use if you wish to do so. With lots of things to do, a trip here would certainly lead to some splash-tastic fun for you and the family.  

Alton Towers Water Park Source: Alton

Want a Fun Day Out? Let’s Visit a Theme Park

When we think of theme parks, we think of teenagers and adult-centred ones like Alton Towers. However, did you know that there are also children’s theme parks? Well, places like Gulliver’s World and Legoland are entirely centred around younger kids. Making for a much more fun trip for both parents and children, with attractions that are suited for all ages and dining facilities available. 

Flamingo Land. Source: Yorkshire Wonders

What to Do if You Suspect Your Child Has Covid-19

No parent enjoys it when a child is ill. And, with Covid-19 still in the air, parents can’t help but think of the worse when it comes to their little person. However, if parents do suspect that their child has Covid-19 they can book a PCR test to put minds at ease. A PCR test is a polymerase chain reaction that can be ordered via the Government website. It is recommended that it is booked if you or your child are displaying 3 of the coronavirus symptoms. In any case, it is also advised to keep your child home from school and out of school activities until they have recovered.  

Parents may also worry that their child may find the same routine every day uninteresting. In this section, we take a look at some of the activities that parents can do at home to keep up with entertainment. All while learning something new and boosting their development.

Drawing on Pebbles or Rocks

Out and about in local parks, many have been hiding or finding little rocks or pebbles that have been drawn on. What better way to spend quality time with one another than collecting pebbles and drawing some wacky characters on them or symbols such as the sun.

Painted Rocks from Kindness Rock

This allows the children to use their imagination to draw their own little unique characters or something that inspired them which will boost their creativity. Not only this but it will also help with developing children’s fine motor skills. Therefore, using equipment such as felt tips or small paintbrushes supports the child. All by strengthening the tiny muscles in their hands and fingers.

Let’s Bake!

Many are learning a new skill during the last year or so. Whether that’s baking, scrapbooking or knitting. So, why not make some tasty treats with your kids? Whether you want to bake some cake pops to decorate or cookies for an afternoon snack, having your child as a kitchen partner will lead to some baking fun. Baking with children will also provide some life-long benefits too. Having children help in the kitchen will support their physical development. As well as let them learn new words, more about math and science – and maybe a little creativity.  

Physical Development in Baking

Allowing children in the kitchen does indeed support their physical development. This is because children will be using their muscles to stir. Using their minds and muscles when measuring the ingredients. And rolling out their dough, as well as other, seemingly simple, kitchen tasks that appear during baking. These tasks allow children to develop their fine motor skills. At the same time, they improve hand-eye coordination, which supports them in reading and writing too.  

Language? Math? Science? A Little Bit of Everything! 

Children learn through their senses, whether it’d be touch, smell, taste, or observing.  When in the kitchen, it serves as a perfect place for learning with the range of senses being displayed. Needless to say, being in a kitchen gives children a variety of different learning opportunities to improve their development.  

Photo from

One such learning opportunity comes within language development. When in a kitchen, there are sometimes a few activities that go on at the same time. So, describing what you are doing can expose new terminology to children. Thus, allowing them to ask questions whilst observing the process of what their parents are doing.  Depending on age, your child may do vice versa. This is when the child or children are describing the activity they are doing to their parents as well as what they see and smell.  

Math Development

Wondering where maths might play a part? Simply put, maths is a massive part of baking. Whether that’s counting, measuring and the recognition of numbers. For example, if a recipe needs multiplying, then children will be learning how to use multiplication. Which is a key life skill. Another good example is that children will also be exposed to fractions by measuring cups in ¼ or ½. Thus, exposing children to more complex numbers. By doing some light-hearted baking, children will learn new mathematical terms that can be used throughout their school life. 

Example of measuring cups for kids. Source:

So, we’ve had maths and language. How does science fit into baking? To us, a kitchen is just a place where we cook and clean. But to children, it’s like a miniature science lab. This is where children see the change in colour of materials and change form or texture, whether it’d be a liquid or solid. Children will even have the chance to make predictions as to what will happen next as they cook. For example, what will happen if you use the wrong temperature. Kids can even experiment with how they present food and show their creativity with food presentation too.

Summer? Why Not Have a Water Fight!

We all know summer has been fast-approaching. And, after being cooped up indoors for over a year, the last thing a child needs is more indoor time. When the weather is nice enough why not make use of the garden and have a good old fashioned water fight. We all want to see kids with a smile on their faces and this activity is the perfect way to do that.

Photo by Antonio Barbagallo. Source:

 Family water fights are also a perfect way for children to continue with their physical development. Children who are chasing after their parents will be supporting themselves in building up the bigger muscles in their bodies. For example, when running around the garden, children are building up the leg muscles and arm muscles which support in improving their coordination skills and building stronger bodies.



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