Fortune Queens: Volume II – Queen Of Cards

Fortune Queens: Volume II – Queen Of Cards

Editor note: Since posting this article the Kickstarter campaign has successfully reached its goal. Meaning no further pledges will be accepted. However, you can still follow the progress of this project via Kickstarter should you be interested.

The Hanged Man, The High Priestess, The Tower – all familiar names. If you’ve heard them, you’ll associate them with tarot reading; a card-translating experience of divination and fate. One would also notice that each character is designed with symbolism and drawings of gorgeous artwork. Speaking of gorgeous, we would like to talk about the latest addition to the tarot family. Returning with a second volume is Fortune Queens – the tarot set of drag and fab.

Product Overview of Fortune Queens

The 2nd volume of the highly loved tarot set Fortune Queens is here! And it is fabulous. This is a tarot deck based on RuPaul’s Drag Race – the Emmy Award-winning American reality show. For those that don’t know, RPDR looks for “America’s next drag superstar” by giving different drag queens a series of challenges each week to win the title and glory.

This latest volume adds 78 new tarot cards, all drawn by the developer themselves and inspired by the show and Rider-Waite-Smith’s tarot. The inspiration also comes from the developer’s artwork that they post on their Instagram too. 22 of the cards are a part of the Major Arcana, whilst the other 56 are Minor Arcana.

The tarot deck will be 3.34” x 5.82” in size – slightly bigger than the standard tarot sizing. In addition, superior smooth cardstock (350gsm) will be used for the cards, as well as a gloss finish on top. A booklet with information on the symbolism and inspiration on each card will be provided alongside the deck. With the current stretch goals reached, each deck will also contain 2 special edition foiled cards and a set of stickers.

Fans of the show will marvel at the translation of the show’s events and highlights into the cards themselves. Collectors and tarot readers alike will find interesting new designs that combine mysticism with flamboyance in a spectacle of glory. The deck will further feature various Drag Queens and moments from:

  • Season 1 to 13
  • All-Stars 1 to All-Stars 7
  • RPDR UK Season 1 and 2
  • Queens from Drag Race Canada, Down Under, Holland, and Spain.

Details On The Developer of Fortune Queens

Juan Jose Cristiani MuNoa – better known as enjoymycake – is the developer of this game. They are a graphic designer based in Mexico and have been fascinated with mysticism, symbolism, witchcraft, and occultism from watching Disney movies. Growing up as a queer person made Juan fascinated with RuPaul’s Drag Race, and so the idea came from mixing two of their greatest passions: Tarot and drag.

This is the second time they’ve used Kickstarter to fund their project. Their first project was the first volume of their Fortune Queens deck, which was a success through crowdfunding, creation, and distribution. The first volume reached 471% funding from 717 backers all over the world. It also gained recognition from LogoTV, the official Facebook page of the show, and several queens.

Kickstarter And Release Information

Enjoymycake released their second Kickstarter campaign in a bid to raise funds for their product. Their goal is to reach £10,974, with the hopes that they raise even more and accomplish their stretch goals. From the time of writing this article, £27,711 has been raised by 420 backers across the world. The Kickstarter will end on Saturday 10th July 2021 at 5:59 AM BST when the currents funds will be collected.

Fortune Queens: Volume II is expected to release at different dates depending on which tier you backed up for. Backing any of the Early Bird tiers allows you to gain your rewards a month early in Dec 2021, everyone else will receive theirs in January 2022.   Pricing will vary on which Kickstarter tier you decide, with the basic tier of purchasing the product being MX$ 900 (£32.93). Furthermore, backers will receive shipping to anywhere in the world no matter which reward they back.

Our Opinion

I’ll admit that I’ve never seen RuPaul’s Drag Race or any drag-related tv show before. Their sense of fashion, retro or otherwise, glamour and power may be too overwhelming for my meekly mortal eyes. Nevertheless, the passion for creating and combining two things you really enjoy is awe-inspiring overall. I absolutely adore the idea and creativity – especially with my own love for tarots and creating my own.

The product does not hold back with its gorgeous art pieces and fine materials, you can tell Juan poured their heart into this and went up and beyond to get this second volume out. If the overwhelming success of the first volume and the funding of the second doesn’t show the anticipation, then we don’t know what else it’ll take. Fans of the show NEED this in their life – if you’re a collector, start backing now before it’s too late.

We wish the greatest of success to the developer in their endeavour. It is impossible not the see how much this means to them. The success of their first collection proves to us that there is a market for products such as these – products that are born from passion. We look forward to hopefully seeing and even reviewing a third volume.



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