ChopValue: The Company Recycling Chopsticks

ChopValue: The Company Recycling Chopsticks

Sometimes, it’s difficult navigating the concept of recycling. Indeed, finding a business that supports environmentally-friendly policies is harder. Nonetheless, one German engineer and his team made the decision to combat the issues of recycling. Thus, creating a sustainable business in the form of ChopValue. The goal? To create sustainable products out of used bamboo chopsticks. 

The Story Behind ChopValue and Their Chopsticks

German engineer Felix Bock, (while going for his Ph.D) attempted to tackle the issue of wood and construction waste in Vancouver, Canada. Bock realized that many industry leaders didn’t go for sustainable practices due to a lack of appeal.

According to Bock’s website, he states, “I realised that in order to prove sustainable business concepts that rely on under-utilized resource supply, there must be thought leaders who show its viability. It had to be interesting, something easy to comprehend. And something that elicits emotions towards the problem of linear economy and our vast amount of waste. I would need to develop a process that creates innovative, highly value-added, and appealing products from a relatable resource.” 

Full Collection - ChopValue

Thus, ChopValue emerges. Launching an industry that changes disposable chopsticks, time, and energy into eco-friendly furniture. You may recognize them from one of the many features running on the BBC, The Guardian, and Financial Times. However, it’s not just their innovation that keeps buyers coming back. As you can see in the image [below/above], their minimalist designs suit a wide range of different household needs, too. These items created by ChopValue serve to minimize environmental impact. 

The Success Of ChopValue 

Since its launch, ChopValue has recycled over 34 million chopsticks that would have ended up in landfills. Additionally, Bock hopes to expand ChopValue globally by creating micro-factories that can reach a wider range of consumers. This serves as an opportunity to invest not only in the environment but in business.

Sustainable Products, Furniture and Decor | ChopValue

The Vancouver-based company has created several products from wall paneling to tables, to kitchen appliances and even artwork. All of which come directly from the recycled bamboo chopsticks ChopValue has collected from partnered restaurants. As an example, it takes approximately 33,000 chopsticks to create a table. Luckily, with Canada going through 100,000 chopsticks a day, there is no shortage as to what Bock and ChopValue can create. 

How Can I Support This Eco-Friendly Company?

If you are interested in contributing to environmentally stable practices, ChopValue has much to offer. You can easily find their products listed on their website. Additionally, you can get sneak peeks at what the company is cooking up. Interestingly, ChopValue offers franchise opportunities in the form of creating your own micro-factory.  So, if you wish to make an investment, this is a great offer.

Innovation with waste chopsticks creates an eco-friendly alternative to landfill
Image Credit: Archello

With ChopValue hoping to expand its production in other Canadian cities, there’s no telling what exciting ideas they’ll conjure next.  Supporting small businesses, such as ChopValue, will help other environmentally-friendly businesses get their shot at helping the planet. Indeed, ChopValue serves as an inspiration to other companies seeking innovation in the name of sustainability.

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