Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles Game Overview

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles Game Overview

Editor note: Since posting this article the Kickstarter campaign has successfully reached its goal. Meaning no further pledges will be accepted. However, you can still follow the progress of this project via Kickstarter should you be interested.

I love a good sandwich; it doesn’t loaf me back though. Awful right? Well, I hope that my dreadful pun didn’t put you off sandwiches, because if so, you might find this review a bit of a doozy. Ever wanted to open your own deli? Crafting and serving delicious sandwiches to hungry customers, and getting paid for it? This game does just that, but with the added fun of some friendly competition (and no real money – sorry). This is Bread Roles; the expansion to the family fun game Sandwich Masters.

Product Overview Of Bread Roles

Cards are always a great thing to carry with you: tarot cards, collector cards, and even playing cards can turn a boring day into something special. Most of all, so many card games are cleverly designed to work with your strategic abilities. Making you consider all of the options before moving forward. Sandwich Masters is a classic example of strategic game design with a fun family twist – food! Entertaining and competitive, you can pit your friends against each other in a furious battle to win customers and earn the most cash. As well building your craving for an entire deli.

Sandwich Masters is the base game that is already available in stores and online. It is a fast-paced strategy card game for 2-4 players. Sandwich Masters is about competing with other plays to fulfill orders by building sandwiches and earning as much noshdosh as possible. It requires thinking ahead, strategic, cleverly placed sabotage, and patience. Also, it involves NOT eating the cards, no matter how tasty they may look (believe us).

Bread Roles' Role Cards
Bread Roles latest edition is the Role cards.

However, Bread Roles is the star of this overview. Bread Roles is the official expansion pack to Sandwich Masters; adding new cards and new features to make the game even more fun. The add-on includes an additional 10 cards known as Role cards – which act as characters that the players can use for special abilities and buffs. Furthermore, this add-on allows the maximum number of players to increase from 4 to 6.

Each player randomly picks a role card which they will keep for the rest of the game as their character against others.

The identity you are given determines your 3 powers in the game: a passive buff, a power used on your turn, or an ultimate buff that costs noshdosh. The Rat King, for example, has a passive buff that lets you ignore rat events. The power that operates on your turn allows you to force another player to discard all cards that belong to a certain type of your choosing. And finally, the ultimate lets you steal an open sandwich from another player.

Details On The Developer of Bread Roles

Big Punch Studios are the creators of Bread Roles and are a team of 3: Nich, Lucy, Jon and Ali. They also produce a comedic podcast called A Show Called Hate; where they discuss love, hate and everything in between. In addition, the developers have worked together on various comics such as Afterlife Inc., 7STRING, Cat & Meringue, and more.

In 2014, the team found themselves stuck in traffic together and hungry with every passing second. With no way out and starving bellies, they worked together to ensure their survival. How did they do that? They imagined that their playing cards looked like bread slices, and jokingly started making terrible sandwich ideas. By terrible, we mean adding uranium or barbed wire – but hey! Creativity stems from insanity… right?

Kickstarter And Release Information

For Big Punch Studios, this is their 7th Kickstarter, but their 2nd attempt to raise funds for this expansion. £3,149 was raised from 100 backers, which unfortunately wasn’t enough the first time around. This led to the cancellation of their initial attempt on the 23rd May 2021. In their second attempt, they hope to raise £10,000 before their deadline or end up failing their fundraiser once again.

From the time of writing this article, £5,160 has been raised by 177 backers around the world. The Kickstarter will end on Tuesday 3rd August 2021 at 11:59 PM BST. Sandwich Masters: Bread Rolls does not have an estimated release date so far, but you can keep an eye on their Kickstarter, Facebook, and Twitter pages for updates. However, happily the product will be delivered to various parts of the world such as the US, Australia, Canada and EU.

If you’d like to put some money towards the Bread Rolls check out their kickstarter. The original game, Sandwich Masters can be found on Amazon.

Our Opinion

This is a game that speaks to me on every level – my type of crazy so to speak. If you’ve ever played Exploding Kittens or Throw Throw Burrito, this is the vibe I’m getting from Bread Roles. The base game alone is impressive by itself; turning a simple idea into a competitive mess of family fun. It takes “playing with your food” literally minus the mess.

The add-on is quite impressive in the sense that it not only invites more players but changes the game completely! You could rack years of fun from the base game alone, but now you can spice up the game play with new abilities and game-breaking possibilities. Bread Roles is the add-on that will make you revel in new-found power or despair in tearful rage.

We wish the best of luck to Big Punch Studios in reaching their goal. Their various projects and products in the past are a testament to their endless creativity and determination. We hope that they will continue to expand and think of new innovative ways to add to their already brilliant card game. 



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