The Shiki Wrap: Reusable Gift Wrap

The Shiki Wrap: Reusable Gift Wrap

Shiki wrap holds an ingenious alternative to your typical wrapping paper. Chic, reusable and, best of all, sustainable. With sustainable living becoming more and more important for the good of the planet, any eco-friendly project is a great one. Those working to help others to lessen their impact on the environment and become more eco-conscious are worthy of commendations, for the effort they put in. Blood, sweat, and tears often go into Kickstarter projects like this. As the developers work tirelessly to create something they can truly believe in. Shiki Wrap is a classic example of just such a project.

Shiki Wrap Product Overview

Due to the inherent wastefulness of traditional paper gift wrap, millions of tonnes of wrapping paper goes to waste, every day. Shiki Wrap is made from recycled plastic, lessening the damage done to the environment through improper recycling. As you can see, the resulting product is fun, colourful, and of top-notch quality. Additionally, creator Meagan Downey is careful in developing a fabric gift wrap that can stretch. Evidently, this will help you to shape the wrap more easily around any type of gift.

Shiki wrap takes inspiration from Japanese tradition. As such, Downey made sure the products went through a thorough investigation by furoshiki experts in Japan, to see their approval of the project. Additionally, the original prototype is also being used in an instructional video, which helps potential buyers to understand its versatility. Better still, the video even features explanations from those people who are well-versed in the furoshiki tradition. Ensuring you can fully understand every way in which the Shiki Wrap can be used.

Developer Details

Meagan Downey is the founder of Shiki Wrap. With a desire to create a market for the recycling of plastic, she wants to see plastic within the circular economy. In other words, an economy that benefits businesses, society and the environment. As such, sustainability is at the forefront of everything she does. Indeed, with experience in management at a non-profit for over 20 years, Downey has the knowledge and understanding to drive this project forward.

After realising that there are no affordable and easily accessible alternatives to paper gift wrap (that could also stretch) anywhere in the United States, Downey began developing Shiki Wrap. The prototype, releasing earlier in 2020 has been a success, with a small number of original customers. Therefore, the second, in-demand prototype, which improves on the original design, now needs funding for production. With the hopes of releasing the new design ready for the 2021 holiday season.

Shiki Wrap Kickstarter Information

So far, the project has shown to be very popular, since launching. They have managed to collect £3,972 of their £7,236 goal, with 71 backers (at the time of writing this). Though they are now past the halfway mark, there is still a little way to go yet. With 28 days left, they will need to raise £120 a day to hit the final pledge target.

Shiki wrap sustainable wrapping paper

Should you fancy pledging to the Shiki Wrap campaign, feel free to check out their Kickstarter Page!

You can pledge as little as £1, just to show your support. Though the rewards for the larger donations are certainly worth a look. Anyone in the UK wanting to nab a Shiki Wrap for themselves can pledge £21 (with an additional £11 shipping fee) to get a Shiki Wrap sent to you. This reward also includes recognition on the Shiki Wall of Fame!

Release Information

There is no official release date on the Shiki Wrap as of yet. However, when you pledge, there is an estimated release date of September 2021. Also, it is made clear that they hope to have everyone fixed up with their pre-ordered Shiki Wrap before the holidays. So, should everything go to plan, it will be with you no later than Christmas.


There are several options available to campaign backers depending how much you want to put into it. Every tier offers some type of reward to show that your pledge hasn’t gone unnoticed. However, if you’re wanting to have a Shiki Wrap once it is release, here are your options:

  • 1x Shiki Wrap & Hall of Fame Listing: £21 (+£11 UK shipping)
  • 3x Shiki Wrap & Hall of Fame Listing: £41 (+£11 UK shipping)
  • Full Shiki Wrap Collection (x6) & Live Stream: £73 (+£11 UK shipping)
  • Wrap Assortment (x40) & Zoom Party: £362 (+£18 UK shipping)
  • Design Your Collection (x40 custom wraps) & Live Stream: £2,171 (+£18 UK shipping)

If any of those options tickled your fancy, further detail can be found listed in the pledge descriptions on the Kickstarter page.


I am always careful to select Kickstarter campaigns that I feel can make a positive difference in the world. Something that is worthy of recognition and attention. Whether it is by bringing people together through food, celebration and music – or by working to better our impact on the environment. For me, anything that can help people to take a step in the direction of sustainable living gets a big thumbs up. I, myself, have even pledged to this campaign with my own money. That’s because I believe it is a fantastic project that comes from the heart.

Shiki Wrap doesn’t just aid in the fight against deforestation but also attempts to lessen the burden on plastic on the world by recycling it into something beautiful, long-lasting, and worth having. So I sincerely hope this article has at least piques your interest enough to want to give it a closer look



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