Out There: Oceans of Time

Out There: Oceans of Time

The award-winning game, Out There, has been given a sequel! And space has just gotten bigger and better. A tale of journey, alliance, and redemption – returning players and new ones alike are not ready for this. So equip your gear, engage those engines and fly with us into the unknown. This is Out There: Oceans of Time; a space exploration game of resource management and survival.

What To Expect

Oceans of Time blends elements of the rogue-like genre with interactive fiction and resource management. Players will need to survive their journey across multiple planets, meet various aliens, and engage in unexpected ways. Additionally, The creators have stated that the game is new-player-friendly. This means that you don’t need to have played the first game to understand this one.

oceans of time character and crew

Mi-Clos Studio – creators of Out There and Sigma Theory – return to continue their universe with a compelling team. Their narrative is written by FibreTigre – a French writer of other video games such as Antioch and the Out There series. Benjamin Carré, a renowned artist who worked on Transformers: Age of Extinction and Alone in The Dark, illustrated the story. Also on the team is the composer of The Stanley Parable and Anti Chamber, Siddhartha Barnhoorn.

The Gameplay of Oceans of Time

The gameplay of Oceans of Time has many mechanics. The main ones being exploration, interaction, team building, and maintenance. Firstly, exploration concerns how you decide on your expeditions through space. Much like Mass Effect, you can scan planets and probe them to reveal secrets and information. Derelict spaceships, ancient cities, desolate planets – all waiting to be explored and resolved.

Interaction is based on how the player interacts with NPCs. As you explore the universe, you will meet unique and strange alien beings in your travels. Communication, trade, and diplomacy are critical when you encounter them. As well as that, you will also make difficult and ethical choices that could influence the world around you. These branching narratives are affected by the choices you make and could determine one of the multiple endings.

This leads to team building; where your interactions could dictate the choice of recruitment. Assemble your team and equipment decisively as you venture with a variety of different alien allies. Subsequently, you need to adopt the right exploration strategy. In this turn-based adventure, as every move you make could be your last.

Finally, maintenance refers to the management of your ship, resources and crew. Players will use their recruited allies as crewmates to manage the ship but must take command. However, mutinies can happen if the player does not find creative solutions or upgrade their modules and tech. Besides that, they are costly – which is where exploration also comes in. During your travels, you will need to search for resources, fuels, minerals and the powerful Omegas. In particular, this allows them to make ship repairs, upgrade technology, and trade with alien civilisations.

The Story of Oceans of Time

In a faraway cosmos, humans are the minority amongst alien-kind. With new civilisations and new species, they must earn their trust amongst the countless worlds around them. The story revolves around Captain Nyx and Lieutenant Sergei, the protagonists of the game. They were tasked with transporting a powerful and evil creature known as The Archon.

Unfortunately, the creature manages to escape capture and leave the two for dead. After awakening from cryogenic stasis, the two find themselves 100 years in the future. Now stranded on an unknown planet, the two must fix their ship, recruit a loyal crew and venture into the unknown. To make matters worse, The Archon is discovered to have devoured the true republic and plans to dominate all civilisations. With guilt over the creatures escape, the two will adventure to save the galaxy and fix their mistake. Can they do so before it’s too late?

Our Opinion

We’re getting massive Mass Effect vibes from this game. With this brand-new sci-fi universe, a narrative of redemption and a fine team to stop world-ending threats – there are lots of potentials. In this case, branching narratives are always a plus in our book. Also, with multiple endings and choices; replayability is definitely a factor here.

The universe looks visibly gorgeous! With the illustrations beautifully presented to us, indeed Carré has outdone himself with this scenery. We can’t wait to meet all these planets and alien races, we’re practically wondering if romance would be a factor. If so, then aliens beware of the romantically involved players.

From what we’ve seen of the gameplay, it is pretty reminiscent of John Wick: Hex. Strategy and timing seem to be the key in this game and should prove an interesting combination of gameplay. Additionally, Resource management seems to be the main factor here; contributing to how players can survive by ordering their supplies and gear. Much like in real life, we must have a keen eye and good judgement with the organisation.

Overall, we cannot wait to see more of this game. There is an air of mystery, intrigue, and exploration into the far reaches of space. Enough to make us willing to adventure outwards and save the universe.



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