Plague Tale: Requiem -Fight For Family

Plague Tale: Requiem -Fight For Family

“But he’s my brother. And I would die for him”.

Amicia and Hugo are back! And there’s no room for children in this dark world they live in. The De Rune children return to face new threats, new problems, and new descents into lost innocence, as they survive an unforgiving world. Ever wanted to play a badass child character? Wanna try assuming the older sister role and protect your little brother? Then welcome to the latest addition to the Plague Tale series – Requiem.

The following article may contain spoilers for Plague Tale: Innocence.

What Is Plague Tale: Requiem?

Plague Tale: Requiem is the sequel to Plague Tale: Innocence. In addition, Developer Asobo Studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive return to continue the story of Amicia and Hugo are. Fans of the first game will once again be able to experience the growing bond of these two siblings in this long-awaited sequel. That’s right, we can continue their story.

This game came from the critically acclaimed success of the first game, which won 5 awards and 16 nominations. Plague Tale: Innocence told the story of Amicia and Hugo De Rune; two children being hunted by a force known as The Inquisition. They are chased from the comforts of their home and forced into a world that will test them on so many levels.

Plague Tale: Requiem

Vicious villagers, landscapes of war-torn bodies, and hordes of man-eating rats; the two must find light in this abysmal nightmare. Along the way, they encounter other children and form an alliance to stay alive. Hugo and Amicia learn to bathe in each other’s humanity, with Amicia taking the responsibility of the older sister, and Hugo learning to trust in her.

What To Expect in Plague Tale: Requiem

Tragedy and fortune, despair and hope, division and bond. These make Plague Tale special. But most importantly, Plague Tale embodies a sense of hopelessness. As a child against an army of soldiers, the game forces you to watch your every move carefully and decisively. Innocence relied on stealth and tactics; because getting hit would result in instant death. You must use your wits, guile, and sling to defend yourself and your companions.

Additionally, Plague Tale: Requiem looks darker and grittier than its predecessor. Amicia is shown to be more ruthless; equipping a crossbow and knife as opposed to her sling. From the trailer, it would appear that defending oneself with lethal weapons is now a viable yet aggressive option to use. Amicia looks to be on the offensive now rather than the scared child we saw in Innocence. She will protect her brother at all costs.

Old and new faces appear. Alongside our protagonists, Lucas and Beatrice return to help our heroes. However, the world is getting bigger as we see new allies, but also new enemies. Could the Inquisition be returning? Or are there darker forces at bay seeking the children?

Although no gameplay has been revealed yet, Requiem will seemingly focus on one of the key elements of the first game: the rats. In Innocence, swarms of rats were the player’s enemies and obstacles. To get through them, you would have to rely on the light and other mechanisms to move them or get past them. They’re terrifying though. With the rat hordes returning in the sequel, we know that similar mechanics will be implemented. Or we fear that the rats may have grown smarter and stronger since last time. That’s even more frightening.

Our Opinion

Hell to the yes! I was one of the few people that saw the trailers for the first game and played it when no one else knew it existed. It is an experience. To say Plague Tale: Innocence is vastly underrated is an understatement. This is an indie game that rivals The Last of Us with its storytelling, soundtrack, characters, and scenery.  Lots of people have taken notice of the game ever since the new trailer came out. This warms my heart knowing the game is getting the love it deserves. Play Innocence now if you haven’t already, and prepare yourself for what promises to be a stunning continuation.

After the touching ending of Innocence, I thought all would be well. I was wrong. Requiem looks to bring back the darkness to the children’s light, and force them down the path towards corruption. We dread the innocence of little Hugo and hope Amicia can still protect our small boy. We’ve seen many parent-child relationships in games, such as Joel & Ellie, Lee & Clementine, and more. However, the sibling relationship here hits too close to home, and therefore is the main reason I love this game.

Here’s to hoping Requiem can nail the helplessness, wholesome nature, and gripping story of the De Rune Family. Amicia and Hugo deserve more love, and this sequel has the potential to make them loved by the videogame community. Furthermore, we can’t wait for more characters to love and cherish with our hearts. We wish the developers the very best of luck!

For More Information

The game is planned for release in 2022 on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can stay tuned for more information on or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.



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