Who Stole My Beard? – Overview and Opinions

Who Stole My Beard? – Overview and Opinions

The gravest of crimes have been committed – a crime so unspeakable that it’s fortunate I’m writing about it instead. Someone stole a beard! What do you mean that’s it? I guess you were expecting something like old people causing mayhem? Fortunately for you, we’ll explain ourselves by talking about this brand new indie game – Who Stole My Beard?

What To Expect

If you love retro-styled RPGs, this is right up your alley. Who Stole My Beard? gives us some great Pokémon-inspired vibes because of its exploration, artwork, and family-friendly themes. In addition, the game features hours of gameplay and an engaging story with mystery and conspiracy. The game also has many puzzles that the player will have to work their way through. These puzzles can range from a large variety of tasks, such as riddles, code-breaking, and more.

Cleardotgames are the developers of Who Stole My Beard? It is run by Neil Collier who is the founder, programmer, writer, and creative director of the game. The team also consists of Lanot Designs, who are the designer of the game. Furthermore, the team also welcomed Victor Herrera Calvo as Audio Composition/designer. Also, its purpose of creation comes from a heart-warming and wholesome story.

Who Stole My Beard game

Neil envisioned this by reading a story to his daughter. The book in question was I Want My Hat Back, off the back of which Neil brainstormed beards and a society based on them. Unfortunately, the family suffered a loss as their beloved dog, Leo, had died. Neil wanted to honour their companion, and so decided to create this game in his memory. Leo became the Watson to the protagonist’s Holmes – detecting their way through the city of conspiracy and mystery.

The Gameplay Of Who Stole My Beard?

Explore, think, and adventure into this lawful yet communal town, as you set to recover your beard. Like we mentioned before, the gameplay reminds us of Pokemon and other retro RPGs. This is especially true when it comes to its movements and interactions. You explore many great areas, such as the suburbs, the university, industrial districts, city hall, and more.

You will collaborate with Leo, your trusty canine companion, to discuss your findings. Suspects, clues, and even your plans are all saved by this adorable doggo detective. Along with your companion, the townsfolk can be relied on for intel. You can earn their trust and build favour with them by assisting them in return for whatever information they have. It’s definitely good to get the public on your side, and these side quests can have a big impact on your investigation. 

Who Stole My Beard

But your search isn’t your only concern; it turns out you’re a wanted renegade yourself! And the police aren’t too happy that you’re beardless in Beardsville. In fact, it’s such a crime that their efforts to catch you are going to stop you from finding it – pretty ironic right? You need to fight back, which is done through a puzzle-based, stealth system.

Remember how in Metal Gear Solid, enemies had a ‘cone of vision’ that let you see their sight range? Well, these cops also have it, so plan ahead and keep out of sight as you progress through the encounters. Moreover, various non-lethal weapons can also be used such as sleep darts and sleep grenades. Additionally, you can use temporary new beards to gain access to new and restricted areas and clues.

The Story Of Who Stole My Beard?

You are Indie – just your average beaded citizen in Beardsville. There are laws there, but the most important is that everyone is required to have a beard. However, you wake up and find that your own is gone! And it turns out someone has stolen it. Alongside your trusty and loyal companion, Leo, you must locate this thief and return your beard before its turn late.

Not only will you venture to various areas to look for your lost beard, but you will see that there is more than meets the eye. Indie and Leo will discover that there is a whole new mystery afoot of them. Will they crack this case once and for all? Or will they be swept under the rug to cover these dark discoveries?

Our Opinion

The story behind the game is incredibly wholesome. Neil has our biggest respect for honouring his dog with this game of mystery and companionship. From what we’ve seen already, we believe he has done Leo’s name justice. This is a beautifully crafted game that captures the nostalgia of the original retro RPGs alongside the silliness of children’s storybooks.

Who knew a society based around beards and beard laws could be so entertaining? Alongside this, we enjoy the idea that the quests are less fetch-based and more meaningful to the player. You’re building the trust of these people in order to gain information as opposed to XP and loot like most RPG games. It appears to further the story as opposed to gaining short-term rewards.

The combat and gameplay look very enjoyable, but its use of puzzles is what fascinates us. We cannot wait to see the implementation of puzzles and mysteries that our players will encounter. We reckon they will bring out the true Watson and Holmes in us. 

Release Information

Who Stole My Beard? will be available on PC through Steam on the 2nd August 2021.



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