POC in Play Spotlight

POC in Play Spotlight

We love to shine a light on small charities and businesses that are making a big difference in their niche. One such company is POC in Play, who are dedicated to helping marginalised communities enter the game dev world.

Who Are POC in Play?

POC in Play are an independent operation of individuals who want to increase the portrayal and profiles of POC in the videogame industry. The company consists of key workers of diverse ethnic backgrounds and experiences in the videogame industry.

What Do POC in Play Do?

POC in Play’s mission is to create equal opportunities for ethnic minorities in the UK gaming industry. They hope that working with the industry and other organisations themselves; will open up the market for people of colour. To do this, they create various initiatives, programmes and events to help raise awareness and discuss how to address the problems with under representation in the gaming industry.

One of the most common ones is the POC in Play meet-ups. These are fun, casual meetings designed for ethnic minorities working, studying or showing interest in the gaming industry. In addition, anyone looking to discuss their mission or learn about how to include POC in the industry are also welcome. POC in Play approves of anyone taking the initiative to learn.

Why Do They Help?

POC in Play hopes to address the large number of problems concerning the representation of ethnic minorities in the videogame industry. Although video games are the biggest single entertainment industry in the UK, the number of BAME people working in that sector is only 10%.  That means POC workers are being underrepresented in this industry.

In addition, POC in Play hopes that bringing more BAME workers into the industry will improve its culture. Through diversifying the teams and companies, it emphasises that video games are for everyone. Furthermore, it shows that anyone, regardless of race, can work in the industry and be a part of its culture. 

Moreover, they hope that by helping; there will be a supply of more diverse stories and input in video games. With more POC in the industry, their own experiences and input can be shared for a more accurate depiction of their culture and the problems they receive. This allows for fresh new dynamics and stories without over-relying on stereotypes and tropes.

Not only are the team BAME themselves, but have had personal experiences in the gaming industry. Each individual’s experiences have ranged from award-winning status’s to working with BAFTA to even working on the release of the original X-Box. What else do they all have in common? A burning passion to drive impactful change and open the door for more POC. They prove that any obstacle can be overcome, and will help others who faced similar situations.

How Can You Get Involved?

POC in Play has stated that you don’t need to be a person of colour to be involved. Although they focus on this specific issue, the movement is for everyone and anyone wanting to address the problems. Attending meetings, offering your support and services whenever possible: these can help build a strong and more inclusive games industry.

This is what they are hoping to achieve. There are plans to receive donations that can be used to help their mission. Keeping track of their progress and updates is another great thing for you to do. You can follow their Twitter and website to learn more. Keep an eye out for events and even check out their podcast too.



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