Chicory: A Colorful Tale – Review

Chicory: A Colorful Tale – Review

Henri Matisse once said: “Creativity takes courage”. These are more than wise words – these are your directive. Artist or not – it’s time to take the brush and relax the mind. Brave through the bland world of Chicory and paint your wildest imagination in this relaxing, colouring adventure game.

What To Expect

Release your inner artist in this colouring book world as you explore, assist, and change the world. Chicory is a world of wonders that eases the mind through relaxation and comfort. The game mirrors the cloudy, dark world of the depressive mind contrasted by how creativity can overcome the darkness with vibrancy.

Chicory features a world of over 100 various animal characters, each one with its own personalities and personal quests. Additionally, players will venture many hours of gameplay through its many other features, such as mail delivery, T-shirt designing, house decorating and more! With so much to do, you will be lost in this whole new world of innovation and beauty.

chicory: a colourful tale review

Who says artists have to work alone?  Bring a buddy with you and express your unison in the local co-op mode. Of course, you will immerse yourself in the beautiful ambience by Lena Raine, who has worked on the likes of Minecraft and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. In addition, audio is managed by Em Halberstadt and A Shell in the Pit – both of whom previously worked on the Untitled Goose Game.

The Gameplay Of Chicory

Weave your way through the monochrome areas with the magical brush of the Wielder. Buildings, the scenery, even the people can be coloured by your artistic powers. Moreover, you can use a range of various colours at your whim. Want to make the sky purple? Done! Want to make the grass yellow? All yours. Want to engrave your name on every villager’s home as a sign of your new position as emperor of all? Uhhh sure, why not?

Unfortunately, that last part is true. Oh yes, even evil menaces can enjoy the wonders of this game.  You can fine-tune your brush to be smaller and even zoom in for the tiny details. As well as this, you will explore the world to solve puzzles, thereby change the environment with the right colours, and even unlock new abilities. Customise your character with a diverse set of clothing – ranging from various hats and overalls to your liking. Hopefully, there’s something to release your inner 80’s.

The Story Of Chicory

In the world of Picnic there exist talented artistic beings known as Wielders; who are beloved by all for their unique vision and wielding of a magical brush. Your character is the janitor of the current wielder, Chicory, and it turns out you’re pretty much a fan. Like a super, super huge fan.

One day, the colour of Picnic disappears and Chicory’s room is locked with her magical brush outside. Therefore your destiny becomes clear. You take up the brush and the mantle of Wielder to restore the world of colour back before darkness takes over.

Our Opinion

Innovative and beautiful! Chicory manages to cyberise the traditional colouring book activity into a literal work of art. Adapting the tranquil activity of colouring and drawing into a family-friendly adventure game is an idea that pops out of the paper and into a level of Eureka! Chicory will wow players will release their inner digital artist onto the world of Picnic – experimenting and exploring in this lost world of theirs.

It also touches on many themes of mental health; both in-game and out of it. Whilst the gameplay allows for relaxation of the mind, the story’s themes touch on how creativity can become a great way to lose oneself from the troubles of the world. Furthermore, it entitles a sense of worth – as your character will find themselves worthy of the mantle by forging their own hero hood, rather than wait for validation from others.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale has been released on the 10th of June 2021. As such, it is currently available on the Playstation 4/5 and on PC through Steam.



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